WEPT Contact Information

WEPT Exam Sign-Up Info. can be found on these webpages

WEPT Assistant
Katie Boyd
Office Location: Carson 7
Email: wept@sonoma.edu
Phone: N/A


Please include full name and student ID number in all WEPT emails and phone messages.

WEPT Coordinator:
Lauren Nahas, English Department
Nichols 349 /

Office Hours:
Please contact WEPT Assistant to schedule an appointment.


Passing the WEPT Exam or a Passing Grade in a WIC Course is required for graduation. Online Canvas WEPT Exams are available during the Fall 2020 semester!

Testing weeks are now posted and registration is open. Please visit the WEPT Schedule pay for more information and to register.

To register for the exam, please pay the $35.00 fee online through the payments section of your Seawolf account. If you no longer have access to your Seawolf account, please visit the FAQs page for further instructions.

Then go to the WEPT schedule and click the registration link at the top of the page to select an exam for the current semester. Please have your payment receipt available while you are registering. When you have completed the online registration process, you will receive a confirmation email. Retain that email along with your payment receipt. Once registered you will be added to the WEPT Canvas Course and sent instructions for taking the online WEPT Exam.

If you need a DSS Accommodated exam AND you are a DSS-registered student, please indicate that on your WEPT exam registration form and you will be contacted regarding your accommodations.

Please see the WEPT schedule page for more information.