External Review

Within the process of program review, the external review provides an independent and broad perspective on the program.

  1. The program faculty select 3-5 potential candidates for the external review and contact them to solicit interest. Candidates should hold faculty rank (or the equivalent) in a similar program, or have a significant professional reputation in the field. In the case of disciplinary or professional accreditation, the accrediting body may have policies regarding the visiting team.  If the program needs help recruiting reviewers, Academic Programs can make a system-wide request.
  2. Interested candidates submit their CVs and a cover letter or email indicating their interest to the program.
  3. The program faculty submit a list of potential candidates to the School Dean, who selects the external reviewer in consultation with the program faculty.
  4. The program notifies Academic Programs of the choice, providing contact information, CV, and dates of the program review.
  5. Academic Programs invites the external reviewer for the dates specified.
  6. The program works directly with the external reviewer in setting up the itinerary and agenda for the visit. The program informs Academic Programs of the agenda.
  7. The program provides the selected reviewer with the self-study and other relevant materials at least two weeks prior to the visit.
  8. The external reviewer is responsible for making his/her own travel and lodging arrangements. We generally recommend flying to Oakland or San Francisco and taking the Airport Express to the Doubletree. We also have limited daily flights from LA, Orange County, San Diego, Portland and Seattle into Santa Rosa.
  9. The external reviewer sends the report to the program and to Academic Programs within 4 weeks of the visit. Payment of $1500 is processed and sent to the external reviewer. (Recommended: program should advise Academic Programs upon receipt of the report.)

Typical External Review Visit Agenda

  1. Opening meeting with the School Dean.
  2. Meeting with program faculty (fulltime and lecturers as appropriate).
  3. Meeting with other stakeholders: faculty from other departments if relevant, community partners, business partners, etc.
  4. Meeting with students (can be a lunch meeting).
  5. Tour of relevant campus facilities (classrooms, laboratories, performance venues, etc.).
  6. Exit interview with the AVP of Academic Programs (please consult in advance with Academic Programs to schedule this meeting.
  7. Meeting with Employee Services for new employee signup (30 minutes).
  8. Complete paperwork in the Office of Academic Programs for payment.
  9. Exit meeting with the faculty (sometimes over dinner).