Sabbatical and Difference-In-Pay Leaves

Faculty who are employed full time for 6 years (including service credit given at the time of hire) will be eligible to apply for Sabbatical or Difference in Pay leave. A full time faculty member may also apply for a Difference in Pay leave 3 years after a previous sabbatical. Faculty must fulfill certain terms or conditions to be eligible for consideration, which are outlined below in the University's official Sabbatical Policy and Difference in Pay Policy.

Request for Sabbatical Leave Application Form

Request for Difference in Pay Application Form

Procedural Notes on Sabbatical and Difference in Pay Leaves

Benefit Summary Information During Sabbatical Leaves & Faculty Exchanges

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Schedule for Sabbatical and Difference in Pay Leaves

Sabbatical and DIP Workflow Chart

Promissory Note

Statement of Assets

Eligibility List

Sabbatical and DIP Reports

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