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Freshman Learning Cohorts - Reserve Your Space

Welcome to SSU's Freshman Learning Cohort reservation pages! Just complete the following steps to reserve a Freshman Learning Cohort and additional GE course.

Step 1

Learn about the FLCs by reading all about them. If you have questions about FLCs, email us at

Step 2

Review the Cohort Matrix for your school and major. If you are Undeclared, review the options for the majors you're most interested in. When you look over the choices, you'll see that each FLC is paired with a specific GE course.

Consider all the choices available. Most majors provide you with options that include both Living/Learning and Academic Cohorts. Think about which cohort option is most attractive to you.

Note: Some FLCs (Chemistry/Biochemistry, FIG, Hutchins, and Science FYE) require that you meet specific English and/or math requirements.
Before you select an FLC, pay close attention to its description to make sure you have already met those requirements. If you need to take the EPT and/or ELM to meet a particular FLC's requirements, you should register for the test as soon as possible. See the Testing Office's website for more details.

By choosing the FLC+GE course combination, you will reserve at least 7 units prior to arriving on campus for Orientation. When you arrive for Orientation, you will work with your advisors to sign up for your remaining classes.

Step 3

Once you have decided which FLC+GE course combination you would like to reserve, go to the FLC Selection Form. You will need to sign in with your Seawolf username and password. If you haven't yet obtained those, go to the Online Services PIN Master to obtain your username and create a password, or to reset a forgotten password.

Step 4

Fill out the FLC Selection Form to select your preferred FLC option. Submit the form.

Step 5

You're done! Read the message that you receive. It will include important information about the choice that you have made.