University Courses (UNIV)

The Department of University Studies' offerings include freshman transition-to-college, student leadership, and General Education classes. These interdisciplinary courses encourage students to become confident, active participants in SSUs rich academic and cocurricular communities. Classes are kept small in order to facilitate more individualized academic instruction.

University Courses Class Descriptions- 2018-19 Catalog (PDF)

University Studies Curriculum Committee Membership 2018-2019

Name Role (term end) Representing
Tim Wandling Chair (2020) Arts & Humanities
Chiara Bacigalupa Member (2019) Education
Alexis Boutin Member (2019) Social Sciences
Catherine Fonseca Member (2019) Library
Scott Miller Member FYE Coordinator
Alvin Nguyen Member Transfer and Transition Programs
Adele Santana Member (2019) Business & Economics
Vacant Member University Support Services
Vacant Member AS Senator
Vacant Member Student
Nathan Rank Member (2018) Science & Technology
Karen Moranski Ex-Officio Member Academic Programs
Kristin Denver Member (2019) UNIV 102