Welcome to the AAAEL Project!

Accelerating Academic Achievement for English Learners

The focus of the AAAEL Project is developing and supporting professional collaborations among preservice and inservice teachers and teacher educators at Sonoma State University and its partner schools.

Our professional collaborations involve the design, implementation and evaluation of instruction that supports improved English Learner (EL) student outcomes in Science, Mathematics, and English Language Arts.

The participants in the project include Science, Mathematics, and English Language Arts teacher candidates and mentor teachers, teacher educators from SSU and content area experts (North Bay Math Project, SCOE).

The AAAEL Project engages in professional development experiences that support English Language and Literacy Development (ELLD) for all students, with a focus on accelerating the academic achievement of English Learners.

AAAEL Highlights

Mentor Teacher &
Teacher Candidate Partnership

Lesson Study Intensive

Partner Schools