Career Direction and Preparing for the Future

Your advisor and other instructors within the department are valuable resources for information and direction toward an ultimate goal. The first two years of your undergraduate education require breadth so that you can explore the various media and disciplines to find what is most appealing to you. At the upper division, when you begin to focus your studies you should begin to think about "Life after Art School." Our majors go on to productive and fulfilling careers and study. Popular directions include graduate study in art and art history. Individual professors can counsel you about the requirements and your options. You should discuss your interests during your Junior year. You will need to write away for applications and possibly take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) during the second semester of your Junior year, and no later than your Senior year. You will need at least 3 letters of recommendation, so you need to get to know your faculty and communicate with them about your plans. (Remember, they have many students going on to post B.A. endeavors and frequently need to write letters of reference for as many as 10-15 students. Some of you apply to more than one institution, so this takes time!) The Administrative Coordinator has guidelines to direct this process. You should pick up those instructions early in the Fall Semester of your Senior year and request your letters well in advance of deadlines.