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Art & Art History Department
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The art major with a studio concentration generally fulfills the California Commission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing guidelines for the Single Subject Credential. For the Multiple Subject (elementary) Credential, students must pass the general knowledge portion of the National Teachers Examination. ArtS 400 is required of candidates for the Single Subject Credential, and ArtS 400 is recommended for Multiple Subject Credential students. Students interested in a teaching career are encouraged to consult with coordinator in the Art and Art History Department as well as the Education Department with reference to legally required education courses, along with field experience, leading to graduate or second degree studies in art and education with a teaching credential.

The public school art instructor usually is expected to possess a vast range of aptitudes in 2- and 3-dimensional art forms, materials and techniques, and have a strong sense of the conceptualization and philosophies for art education for younger learners. A broadly based studio art, art history, and Education Department coursework program, including field experience in a concurrent pattern, is recommended after arrangements are made with both the Art and Art History Department and the Education Department. For further information, please see the Education section of SSU's Academic Website. Contact departmental advisors and review the university's special bulletin on Programs in Teacher Education.

Students seeking the multiple subject credential may also wish to pursue a minor in applied arts (please see the Applied Arts Website).

Information on the SSU Waiver Program

Subject Matter Preparation - ART

(Exempts candidate from taking the Praxis. Candidate must complete requirements for Bachelors Degree and follow up with additional coursework)

Downloadable Waiver Application

To obtain a single subject waiver in art from Sonoma State University the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete courses of study (see below) that satisfy the California State Visual Arts Framework and standards of program quality and effectiveness in the following areas:
    1. Creative Expression
    2. Art Criticism
    3. Art Heritage
    4. Aesthetics
    5. Knowledge of relationships among the visual arts components
    6. Relationships among visual arts and other disciplines
  2. Exhibit an understanding of the role of art in child and adolescent development; the histories and theories of art education; diversity and equity in a visual arts program; and the uses of technology as they relate to the visual arts.

Course Requirements

Lower Division Requirements (equivalent institution courses):
  • 2-D fundamentals (2-D design)--3 units
  • 3-D fundamentals (3-D design)--3 units
  • beginning drawing--2 units
  • life drawing--2 units
  • painting*--2 units
  • printmaking*--2 units
  • ceramics*--2 units
One course from the following to add 2 units:
  • sculpture--2 units

  • crafts--2 units

  • photography--2 units

  • papermaking--2 units

  • other special topics--2 units

Though painting, printmaking, and ceramics apply to the breadth requirements and are not specifically required for the major, they are a requirement for the waiver.

Art History

2 survey courses to total 6 units:

  • pre-history to gothic 3 units
  • renaissance to modern 3 units

Upper Division Core Requirements:


2-3 courses in drawing to total 5 units

Art History

(two courses from below to total 6 units):
19th Century Survey--3 units
History of American Art--3 units
Modern Art (1850-1945)--3 units
Modern Art (1945- 1979)--3 units
Contemporary Art (1980-present)--3 units
(or similar course)

Professional studio/teacher course work:

Complete the following three courses for a minimum of 8 units:
ArtS 400 Art in the Classroom--3 units
ArtS 492 Exhibit/Portfolio--3 units
ArtS 210/410 Digital Imaging--3 units

Area of Emphasis

(12 units total in one area):
painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, ceramics, new genre, other units

Additional Requirements:

  1. Provide official transcripts showing all course work and proof of a minimum 3.0 G.P.A.
  2. A high level of competence in the candidate’s area of emphasis and an exhibited knowledge and understanding in at least two additional studio areas.
  3. A portfolio assessment (minimum 20 slides) of candidates work to exhibit their creative abilities and proof of competence in all areas listed above.
  4. There is a $50.00 fee for evaluation of the waiver. Please make checks payable to: SSU - Ref. RT071

To apply for a single subject waiver in Studio Art send the above documentation to:

Stephen Galloway
Professor of Art
Art Department
Sonoma State University
1801 E. Cotati Ave.
Rohnert Park, California 94928
For additional information call (707) 664-2364.