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The Anthropological Studies Center (ASC) is composed of the Cultural Resources Facility (CRF), the David A. Fredrickson Archaeological Collections Facility (ACF), and the Office of Interpretive and Outreach Services (IOS). The functions of these offices include:

  • The Cultural Resources Facility works on contract to federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as for private organizations and individuals. It contributes to the cost of operating the

  • David A Fredrickson Archaeological Collections Facility, which houses archaeological materials from northern California as a public service and for scholarly research.

  • The Office of Interpretive and Outreach Services interprets archaeology, history, and the ethnography of native peoples of California to the general public by means of events, pamphlets, museum displays, videos, and presentations to school groups.




The ANTHROPOLOGICAL STUDIES CENTER (ASC) at Sonoma State University (SSU) has been providing consulting services in Cultural Resource Management (CRM), heritage documentation, preservation planning, policy training, community engagement, public outreach, and interpretation since its founding in 1974.

Our clients include state and federal regulatory and management agencies, Native American and non-profit organizations, museums and historical associations, regional and municipal utilities, environmental and engineering firms, as well as developers and private individuals. ASC offers a proven team, with exceptional experience, and the skills to provide high quality, timely, and comprehensive deliverables on even the most complex task orders.

As part of the California State University system and the M.A. program in CRM at SSU, our commitment to training the next generation of CRM professionals ensures that we always seek to develop innovative approaches, appropriate solutions, and the most effective methods to achieve the regulatory and permitting objectives of our clients.

Read the complete Statement of Qualifications 2017 (1.5 MB PDF)



ASC regularly undertakes all aspects of cultural resources planning and management as required under CEQA and Section 106, including:

  • Cultural Resource Management and Heritage Documentation
    • Historical documents and archival research
    • Property inventories, evaluations, and construction monitoring
    • Archaeological survey, testing, and data recovery
    • Laboratory analyses and curation
    • GIS mapping, predictive models, advanced spatial analyses
    • Significance assessments, and technical reporting
  • Preservation Planning and Policy Training
    • Management plans, agreements, and assessment documents
    • Research designs, and evaluation/mitigation plans
    • CEQA and NHPA training workshops
  • Community Engagement, Public Outreach, and Interpretation

    • Oral history, ethnography, and intangible resource assessments
    • Native American consultation and NAGPRA inventories
    • Interpretive plans, museum exhibits, media and websites
    • Educational packages and school curricula


Key employees are listed on on separate page: ASC staff