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The Anthropological Studies Center (ASC) at Sonoma State University (SSU) has been providing consulting services in Cultural Resource Management (CRM), heritage documentation, preservation planning, policy training, community engagement, public outreach, and interpretation since its founding in 1974.


ASC regularly undertakes all aspects of cultural resources planning and management as required under CEQA and Section 106, including:

  • Cultural Resource Management and Heritage Documentation
    • Historical documents and archival research, oral history
    • Records searches at the California Historical Resources Information Center system
    • Preparation of research designs, work plans, evaluation plans, and mitigation plans
    • Buried archaeological site analysis, predictive modeling, and testing
    • Coordination with government officials
    • Property inventories, evaluations, and construction monitoring
    • Archaeological survey, testing, and data recovery
    • Laboratory analyses and curation
    • GIS mapping, predictive models, advanced spatial analyses
    • Significance assessments, and technical reporting
    • CEQA document review: Categorical Exemptions, MNDs, and EIRs
    • Findings of Effect/Adverse Effect, Memoranda of Agreement, and Programmatic Agreements
  • Preservation Planning and Policy Training
    • Management plans, agreements, and assessment documents
    • Research designs, and evaluation/mitigation plans
    • CEQA and NHPA training workshops
  • Community Engagement, Public Outreach, and Interpretation

    • Oral history, ethnography, and intangible resource assessments
    • Native American consultation and NAGPRA inventories
    • Interpretive plans, museum exhibits, media and websites
    • Educational packages and school curricula

Additional Information/Services:

  • Flotation Services:
    ASC is equipped and experienced to offer flotation services using a Model A Flote-Tech flotation machine, which can quickly and easily processes a large number of soil or sediments samples...(more)

    ASC continues its compliance with the federally mandated Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)...(more)

  • Collections Facilities:
    ASC’s Collections Facility is one of the largest such facilities in northern California...(more)

  • Faunal Lab:
    ASC offers experience and skill in sorting, identification, and analysis of faunal and human skeletal material from both historic and prehistoric archaeological sites....(more)

  • Interpretive & Outreach Services:
    The Office of Interpretive and Outreach Services brings archaeology, history, and the ethnography of the people of California — from the first Native American settlers to the industrial development of the San Francisco Bay area — to the general public through presentations to school groups, tours, museum displays, videos, and pamphlets...(more)