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Interpretive & Outreach Services

The Office of Interpretive and Outreach Services brings archaeology, history, and the ethnography of the people of California — from the first Native American settlers to the industrial development of the San Francisco Bay area — to the general public through presentations to school groups, tours, museum displays, videos, pamphlets, and web sites.

Interpretive Web Sites

The ASC creates interesting and dynamic interpretive Web sites. We work with clients to design and build sites designed for specific audiences (e.g. kids, adults). We can design our project-specific templates or use yours.

Archaeology in San Francisco, California

Working with the California Department of Transportation, the ASC designed an interpretive Web site about the archaeology of 19th century San Francisco based on our excavations and historical research. Visit the site here.

Museum Displays

archaeological exhibitASC prepared an exhibit for the City of Stockton based on the Sing Lee Laundry deposit to complement the deposit's interpretive web site (see Archaeology in Stockton), and highlight the city’s Chinese heritage. The exhibit included three large cases of printed panels, artifacts from the site’s large assemblage, and a small faux archaeological site. The exhibit was intended to not only display some of the artifacts used by the Chinese laundrymen, but also to give some insight into their daily lives.

Public Outreach

In January of 2006, archaeologists from all over the world traveled to Sacramento, California to attend the annual conference of the Society for Historical Archaeology. The ASC developed and hosted what turned out to be one of the highlights of the conference:  a free, day-long public event, dubbed "The Archaeology Roadshow.” Over 50 archaeologists participated in the event, demonstrating their techniques and research findings through exhibits appealing to all age and interest groups. Follow the link to learn more . . .

School Outreach

The ASC offers tours of its facilities to school groups and classroom talks at your school. Speakers can give presentations geared to meet curriculum requirements.