Part IV

Maritime Workers (2.6 MB PDF)

Chapter 9 explores the lives of 19th-century maritime workers in San Francisco and compares them with railroad workers in Oakland. Short essays cover uniform buttons, men’s footwear, and the Workingmen’s Party.

Rivals across the Bay (2.1 MB PDF)

Chapter 10 uses literary views and sophisticated statistical analyses to look at the differences between San Francisco and Oakland and introduce the importance of place. One sidebar focuses on the ongoing cycles of “Boom and Bust” that plague the region.

The Power of Numbers—Material Status Index and Moving Forward
(2.7 MB PDF)

Chapter 11 concludes ASC’s earthquake-related studies of Oakland and San Francisco. It frames the Material Status Index, developed by Bruce Owen using 98 comparable features from the two cities, with historical context provided by 19th-century economist Henry George and makes suggestions for future research and a global archaeology that can be truly quantitative and comparative. Three sidebars on earthquakes, bloomers, and Thanksgiving complete the volume.

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References Cited (1.2 MB PDF)

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