Spring 2019 Colloquium - Tuesdays 12:05 - 12:55pm, Darwin 103

Jan 22 Introductory Meeting – Dr. Brent Hughes, Colloquium Coordinator
Jan 29
(Host: Bentley)
Ben Young Landis, Capital Science Communicators, Sacramento CA. “Getting Your SciComm On: A Tour of Science Writing Careers”
Feb 5
(Host: Rank)
Frederique Lavoipierre, Santa Barbara Botanical Garden. “Translating Biological Understanding to Awareness of Conservation Issues”
Feb 12
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Greg Ku, University of California, San Francisco. “A Genetic Interaction Map of Insulin Production in the Pancreatic Beta Cell”
Feb 19
(Host: Whitkus)
Sarah Gordon, Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation "The Laguna de Santa Rosa: a Watershed Approach to Conservation"
Feb 26
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Frances Hundley, University of California, San Francisco. “A Comprehensive CRISPR-Cas9 Screen of Ubiquitin Ligases Uncovers Novel Roles in Mitosis”
Mar 5
(Host: Cohen)
Dr. Judy Sakanari, University of San Francisco, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. "Discovering New Drugs to Treat Neglected Parasitic Diseases”

**Women in STEM Honorary Speaker**

Mar 12
(Host: Gilmore/Rank)
Dr. Katherine Schick, San Joaquin Delta College. "Oaks Have Gall! Gall Forming Wasps of California"
Mar 19
Mar 26
(Host: Rank)
Christopher Grinter, California Academy of Sciences. "The Importance of Natural History Collections"
Apr 2
(Host: Rank)
Dr. Kip Will, University of California, Berkeley. “Studies on the Evolution of Chemical Defense in Carabid Beetles: Genetics, Biosynthesis, and Natural History”
Apr 9
(Host: Lin)
Robert Crystal-Ornelas, Rutgers University. "Do Invasive Species Impacts Get Worse Over Time? Meta-research in Invasion Ecology"
Apr 16
(Host: K. Wininger)
Mark Wininger, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. “A Hepatitis C Virus Recombinant Protein Vaccine: From RNA/DNA to Drug”
Apr 23
Dr. Joseph Lin, Sonoma State University. "Cellular Protection Against Oxidative and Electrophilic Stress"
Note: This speaker has replaced the originally scheduled guest.
Apr 30
(Host: Bentley)
Sahrye Cohen, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. “Restoration and Regulation: Working in Wetland Restoration Planning and Regulation”
Note: this title is updated from the originally scheduled presentation.
May 7
(Host: Rank )
Kerry Wininger, Sonoma State University. "Comparing Pollinator Communities in Utility Rights-of-Way and Unmanaged Lands"
Note: this title is updated from the originally scheduled presentation.