Financial Aid Available for Graduate Students

There are a number of sources of financial aid that is available to you at Sonoma State University. Spend a few minutes checking out the following web pages to see if you qualify.

University Scholarships Program
University Scholarship Program Scholarships Sonoma State University offers several scholarship programs. The merit-based University Scholarship Program is the largest one, requiring a single application packet. The application packet consists of a narrative, three letters of recommendation, transcripts, and the application. You must be an applicant, already accepted, or a current student at SSU in order to apply for a university scholarship. The application period begins in November for the next academic year. The deadline to submit the materials is January 15 each year.
External Scholarships
A long list of available scholarships, some are quite specific to a student's background.
The State University Grant
State University Grant (SUG) Awarded to eligible students who are California residents who pay State University Fees. If you are receiving a Cal Grant A, the fee portion of Cal Grant B, or Cal Grant T, you are not eligible for SUG. Students enrolled in a degree of certificate program through Extended Education are not eligible for the SUG, as Extended Education course fees do not include State University fees. Maximum award at SSU is $1506 for graduate students.
Financial Aid Office
Check out the list of available sources of additional aid.
A commercial search service. Requires providing a user profile. Use at your own risk.

Research Fellowships

Various organizations and agencies provide specific opportunities for research. Many exist, listed are those known to be available for Masters students.