Graduate Curriculum

Biology Masters Theses

Theses List
2014 Rachel Spaeth Morphological Character Mapping on a Molecular Phylogeny Using Pollen Variation in the Cryptanthinae (Boraginaceae) Whitkus
2014 Derek Somo

Body Reserves at Weaning Impact Development of Dive Capacity in Northern Elephant Seals (Mirounga angustirostris)

2014 David Ensminger Metabolic Responses to Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) Vary with Life-history Stage in Adult Male Northern Elephant Seals Crocker
2014 Tracy Bain Evaluating the Effect of Moisture in Wildlife Crossing Tunnels on the Migration of the California Tiger Salamander, Ambystoma californiense Girman
2014 Blake Foster Comparison and Chracterization of the Introns in the PEX5 Gene of Nicotiana tabacum to Those of Its putative Progenitors, N. sylvestris and N. tomentosiformis Christmann
2013 Jeff Sharick Oxidative Stress Is a Potential Cost of Breeding in Male and Female Northern Elephant Seals Crocker
2013 Sarah Heidl

Cytonuclear Interactions Among Metabolic Enzyme Loci Mediate Reproductive Success And Larval Performance Along Environmental Gradients In Natural Populations Of Montane Leaf Beetle

2012 Christine Windsor Factors Influencing Phytophthora ramorum Infectivity on Umbellularia californica and Testing of a Defoliation-Based Control Method


2012 Emily Harvey Mate Choice and Species Recognition Via Repellent Chemical Cues in Pacific Newts Girman
2012 Adele Paquin

The Green Thread: Seasonal And Event Scale Forcing Of Phytoplankton Abundance And Taxonomic Composition In The Surfzone Of Open-Coast, Rocky Shore

2012 Mario Klip Habitat Use and Human Interaction in Black Bears (Ursus americanus) in California,  Lake Tahoe Crocker
2012 Stephen Tavoni Lactate Flux and Gluconeogenesis in Fasting Weaned Elephant Seal Pups Crocker
2012 Joshua Cutler

Behavioral Plasticity of Female Northern Elephant Seals Drives Fine-scale Foraging Success

2012 Laura Shaskey Local and Landscape Influences on Sandhill Crane Habitat Suitability in the Northern Sacramento Valley, CA Girman
2012 James Hovis

Seasonal Habitat Use Of The Western Pond Turtle, Emys Marmorata, In An Urban Environment

2012 Peter Arnold

Cloning, Expression, Purification and Mutational Analysis of Carnobacteriocin B2

2011 Dallara, Alexandra The Role of Maternal Effect, Incubation Temperature, and Sex on Juvenile Growth in Captive-raised Western Pond Turtle Hatchlings Geist
2011 Tift, Michael Development Enhances Hypometabolism and the Dive Response in Northern Elephant Seal Pups  Crocker
2011 Kleinhesselink, Andy Community-level Effects of a Dominant Shrub Across an Environmental Gradient; Variable Responses of Native and Exotic Plants Cushman
2011 Magnoli, Susan Community-level Iimpacts of a Dominant Plant Invader on Native and Exotic Vegetation in a Coastal Dune Ecosystem Cushman
2011 Agostini, Aaron Effects of Brassicaceae Seed Meal Incorporation on Pre-plant Weed Emergence and Strawberry Productivity in Macrophomina phaseolina Infested and Uninfested Soil Cohen
2011 Laura Saunders Individual and Interactive Effects of Large and Small Mammals on Oak Performance and the Woody Understory Community Cushman
2010 Kalmoni, Rana Developmental effects of Phenanthrene, a Polycyclic Armotic Hydrocarbon, on Zebrafish (Dania rerio) Early Embryos Pillai
2010 Callahan, Brianna The Impact of Landscape Features on the Genetic Structure of the California Giant Salamander (Dicamtodon ensatus) Girman
2010 Frederique Lavoipierre Effects of Floral Resources and Local Environment on Tritrophic Interactions Rank
2010 Kelso, Betsy Sex Differences in Fuel Use and Metabolism During Development in Fasting Juvenile Northern Elephant Seals Crocker
2010 Hare, Caden Nitrate Removal Efficiency and Net Productivity of Channelized Wastewater-fed Pleuston Wetlands Cohen
2010 Boaz, Segal
Water Soluble Vitamin Levels in the Blood of Fasting Elephant Seals and Bottlenose Dolphins
2009 Humple, Diana A Study Of Genetic Structure and Demographic Impacts of Oil Spills in Western and Clark's Grebes Girman
2009 Skaer, Meghan Cattle Grazing in an Invaded Grassland: An Experimental Assessment of the Impacts on Native and Exotic Vegetation Cushman
2009 Parker, Marian Reproductive Output of Balanus glandula and Chthamalus, spp.: Evidence of Oceanography's Potential to Trump Competitive Exclusion Nielsen
2009 Adams, Kiera Genetic Structure of Southern California Steelhead Populations: an Analysis of Neutral and QTL Linked Loci Girman
2009 Johnston, Steve California Bay Laurel Susceptibility to Phytophthora ramorum: Effects of Tree Phenology, Leaf Ontogeny and Environmental Factors Rank
2009 Stabler, Rich
Effects of Wave Disturbance on Native and Exotic Vegetation within the Intertidal
2009 Gordon, Rebecca
Reproductive Biology and Temperature-dependent Sex Determination in the Western Pond Turtle (Emys marmorata)
2009 Norris, Amy
Thermoregulation of Breeding Adult Male Elephant Seals
2009 Rubin, Lovisa
Life History Variation in Breeding Behavior in Female Northern Elephant Seals
2009 Graydon, Dawn Influence of Cattle Grazing on an Endangered Lycaenid Butterfly and Its Host Plant in a Coastal Prairie Cushman
2008 Wood, Megan
Reproductive Output of a Keystone Predator and Its Preferred Prey: the Differential Influence of Oceanographic Regime and Local Habitat
2008 Yamamoto, Emi Research for the Biocontrol of Phytophthora ramorum with Microorganisms Cohen
2008 Richards, Brieanna The Effects of Stimuli on the Behavior of a Captive Group of Ring-Tail Lemurs Jaffe
2008 Wenzel, Brian Glucose Turnover in Fasting Adult Male Elephant Seals During a Natural High Energy Expenditure Fast Crocker
2007 Thompson, Sarah Ann Balancing Conservation With Commercial Use: Experiments To Guide Sustainable Exploitation Of An Ecologically Vulnerable Kelp Nielsen
2007 Castle, Jim Nocturnal Behavior of Raptors at Wind Energy Facilities Stokes
2007 Carpenter, Steve Exceptional Soft Tissue Preservation In A Mosasaur From The Niobrara Chalk Of Kansas Geist
2007 Lennox, Mike Revegetation Techniques and Native Tree Abundance on Alluvial Streams of the California Coast Range Stokes
2007 Schwann, Joan Effects of Livestock Grazing on Native and Exotic Vegetation of Vernal Pools Cushman
2006 Cook, Kim Evaluation Of Terminal-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (T-RFLP) Analysis For Characterization Of Vernal Pool Bacterial Communities Thatcher
2006 Verdone, Lily The Influence of Nutrient Gradients on an Aquatic Plant Invasion Stokes
2006 Gordon, Sarah Landscape Level Genetic Diversity in Umbellularia californica, a Widespread Forest Tree Species Whitkus
2006 Kofahl, Nathan Water Flux and Energy Expenditure in Pt. Reyes Mountain Beavers Crocker
2006 Fowler, Melinda Hormonal Regulation of Glucose Clearance in Lactating Elephant Seals Crocker
2006 Condeso, T. Emiko The Effects of Landscape Heterogeneity on the Emerging Forest Disease Sudden Oak Death Meentemeyer
2005 Bruce, Douglas Effects of PGI Genotype and Temperature on Fecundity, Mating Success, and Running Speed of a Sierra Willow Leaf Beetle Rank
2005 Skarra, Danalea Partial Purification and Characterization of a Chromate Reductase from Pseudomonas veronii Works
2005 Champagne, Cory Glucose Production and Substrate Cycle Activity in a Fasting Adapted Animal, the Northern Elephant Seal Crocker
2004 Hassrick, Jason Swimming Speed and Foraging Strategies of Northern Elephant Seals (Mirounga angustirostris) Crocker
2004 Johnson, Brent Variable Responses of a California Grassland to the Reintroduction of Tule Elk Cushman
2004 Zeno, Ramona The Development of Foraging Strategies in Juvenile Northern Elephant Seals Crocker
2004 Deiner, Kristy The Effect of Landscape Features on the Genetic Structure and Diversity of Steelheaad and Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in the Russian River Watershed Girman
2003 Fearnley, Shannon The Maintenance and Evolution of an Enzyme Polymorphism in a Montane Leaf Beetle (Chrysomela aeneicollis) Rank
2003 Ouellette, Gary Molecular Systematics of the Subfamily Ponerinae: a Phylogenetic Study of Tribe-Level Relationships Girman
2003 McDonald, Birgitte Behavioral and Physiological Determinants of Lactation Efficiency in Northern Elephant Seals Crocker
2002 Young, Jessica Nitric Oxide Signaling During the Segmentation Period of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Development Pillai
2002 Nelson, Joel Cloning, Sequencing, and Characterization of the Sperm Motility Initiation Factor from Pacific Herring, Clupea pallaasi, Eggs Pillai
2002 Cadman, Denise Ghost of Aliens Past: Influence of Litter Accumulation From Invasive Annual Grasses on Vernal Pools Cushman
2002 Gaffney, Karen Invasive Plants in Riparian Cooridors: Distribution, Control Methods and Plant Community Effects Cushman
2002 Hull, Joshua Identification of Genetic Structure in Migrating Sharp-Shinned Hawks (Accipiter striatus) in North America Girman
2002 Neargarder, Gary Effect of PGI Genotype and Temperature Exposure on Thermal Tolerance of a Montane Leaf Beetle Rank
2002 Tierney, Trisha Impact of a Feral Pig Disturbances of Different Ages on Plant Communities and Soil Properties Cushman
2001 Cumings Outlaw, Diana Molecular Systematics of the Catharus Thrush Complex: Implications for the Evolution of Migratory Behavior Girman
2001 Etienne, Katherine Influence of a Summer Dam on the Composition of Aquatic Insect Communities Cushman
2001 Foster, Amanda An Experimental Study of Male Aggressive Vocalization and Entrainment in the Pacific Tree Frog, Hyla regilla Northen
2001 Lauman, Dina Nicole Analysis of the Intron-Exon Organization of the Pex5 Gene of Nicotiana tabacum Christmann
2001 McNeil, Sean Direct and Indirect Effects of Mammalian Herbivores on Host Plants, Invertebrate Gallers, and Nutrient Cycling Cushman
2001 Michaud, Jennifer Nest Predation and Brood Parasitism in Riparian Breeding Wilson’s Warblers (Wilsonia pusilla chryseola) Girman
2001 Morgan, Darca Influence of Arundo donax and Four Other Riparian Plants on Ground-Dwelling Arthropods: Guild-Specific Responses to Native and Non-Native Vegetation Cushman
2001 Stephens, Molly Phylogeography of the Bufo boreas (Anura, Bufonidae) Species Complex and the Biogeography of California Girman
2000 Warner, Peter Influence of Herbivores on Life History Stages of a Dominant Nitrogen-Fixing Shrub (Lupinus chamissonis): Effects on Survival, Growth, Architecture, and Reproduction Cushman
2000 Yturralde, Kasey The Importance of Male-Male competition, Female Mate Choice and Size in a Montane Leaf Beetle Rank
1999 Alvarez, Maria Community Level Consequences of a Biological Invasion: Effects of a Non-native Vine on Three Plant communities Cushman
1999 Holve-Hensill, Susan Floristic Effects on Natural Vernal Pools of Removing Seed and Soil for Off-Site Restoration Northen
1999 Munson, Kristofer Introns in the Pex5 Gene of Nicotiana tabacum Christmann
1999 Shamseldin, Ally Induced Thermotolerance in the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas Thunberg Pillai
1998  Anttila, Carina Pollen Swamping by a Rare Invader (Spartina alterniflora, Poaceae) Threatens a Common Native (Spartina foliosa) with Hybridization Rank
1998 Esposito, Linda and Rockwood, Margaret The Vascular Flora and Plant Associations of Bodega Pastures, a Historic Ranch in Southwestern Sonoma County, California  Quibell
1998 Garcia-Rossi, Dino Consequences of the Loss of Herbivore Resistence for Invasive Cordgrass Spartina alterniflora Rank
1998 Rivas-Ederer, Dina Seral Vascular Plant Communities on Clearcut Sites in Jackson Demonstration State Forest Kjeldsen
1998 Waller, Jeffrey Shrubs as Structuring Agents in Coastal Dune Ecosystems: Positive and Negative Effects on Herbaceous Plant Assemblages Cushman
1997 Cook, David Microhabitat Use and Reproductive Success of the California Red-Legged Frog (Rana aurora draytonii) and Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) in Ephemeral Marsh Northen
1997 Hampton, Sharon The Ecology of Armandia brevis ( Moore) 1906 (Polychaeta:Opheliidae) Hermans
1997 Smith, Mark Effects of Herbivores on Growth and Reproduction of California Buckwheat Cushman
1997 Zeismer, Timothy Vocal Behavior of Foothill and Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs (Rana boylii and R. muscosa) Northen
1996 Carranza, Albert Psammolittoral Marine Tardigarda from Coleman Beach, California Hermans
1996 Ellis, Bryan A Serological Characterization of Cyanophage Christmann
1995 Daniel, Janice Physiological Effects of Copper on Larvae of Hemigrapsus oregonensis, a Common Mud-Flat Crab Hermans
1995 Hughey, Jeffrey A Systematic Study of Chondracanthus Kutzing (Rhodophyceae) with Notes on the Marine Flora of Tomales Bay Kjeldsen
1995 Johnson, Mara Issues of Oxygen Toxicity in Anaerobic Bacteriology Thatcher
1995 Levin, Mark Physical Factors that Influence the Vegetative Mosaic in the Rock Springs Region of Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County, CA Sherman
1994 Cole, Kyle Mycorrhizal Symbiosis in the Subfamily Monotropoideae and the Seed Physiology of Pterospora andromedea Nuttall Kjeldsen
1994 Collier, John A Systematic and Morphological Study of the Pseudoxenos Species (Insecta: Strepsiptera) Occurring in California with Notes on Distribution Farish
1994 Eakins, Doug Intraspecific Genetic Diversity in Blennosperma bakeri Heiser (Asteraceae) Quibell
1994 Wilson, Angela A Mid-Plicocene Freshwater Fish Fauna from Sonoma Mountain, Sonoma County, California Hopkirk
1993 Carolan, Elizabeth The Stenotopic Relationship of Discurria insessa and its Algal Host Egregia mensiesii Brumbaugh
1993 Chesi Hanson, Linda The Foraging Ecology of Harbor Seals, Phoca vitulina, and California Sea Lions, Zalophus californianus, at the Mouth of the Russian River, California Isaac
1993 Marshall Fitts, Kimberley Small Mammal Populations in Clearcut Areas of the Jackson Demonstration State Forest, Mendocino County, California Northen
1993 Messer, Ronald The Distribution and Status of the California Freshwater Shrimp, Syncaris pacifica (Holms), and its High Water Habitat in Salmon Creek, Sonoma County, California Brumbaugh
1993 Weis, Robert Determining the Suitability of an Amphipod and an Alga as Biomonitors for the Presence of Extrinsic Aquatic Copper Brumbaugh
1992 Albensi, Benedict Charles Simultaneous Visual Processing in the Four-eyed Fish, Anableps anableps Powell
1992 Davis, Liam Hillary The Ecology of Chorizanthe valida Wats. (Polygonaceae), the Rare Sonoma Spineflower, at Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin County, California Sherman
1992 Faultley, Robin Hayes Ecology, Ultrastructure, and Sheath Mineralization of Leptothrix ochracea in Iron Spring Microbial Mats Kjeldsen
1992 Sobo, Adina Maria Terrestrial Vocalizations of the Pacific Tree Frog, Pseudacris(Hyla)regilla (Hylidae) Northen
1990 Baum, Nancy A. Studies on the Role of Dietary Protein and Lecithin in Molting and Cholesterol Transport in Juvenile Lobsters, Homarus sp. Hanes
1990 Burleson, Bonnie Proteins from Starfish Tube Feet and Unfertilized Sea Urchin Eggs were Immunologically Recognized by a Monoclonal Antibody to Bovin Brain Tau Christmann
1990 Mueller, Joseph R. The Distribution and Behavioral Ecology of Olivella biplicata, Olivellapycna, and Olivella baetica in Tomales Bay, California Brumbaugh
1989 Phillips, Naomi The Function of Salinity and Temperature in the Distribution of Mastocarpus papillatus (C.AG.) Kutzing in the San Francisco Bay Kjeldsen
1989 Wetzel, James T. Studies on Age and Growth of the Sharks Mustelus henlei and Triakis semifasciata (Carcharhinidae) and Squalus acanthias (Squalidae) Hopkirk
1988 Whipple, Joan L. Abundance and Distribution of the Zion Snail (Physa zionis) of Zion National Park, Utah Isaac
1987 Haghigtat Kashini, Mohammad N. Role of Some Low Molecular Metabolites Dependent on Tetrahydrofolic Acid Coenzume Activity in Conidiophore Formation of Aspergillus foeticus 341 Powell
1987 Kelly, Jill Diane Nest-building Techniques of the Cliff Swallow (Hirundo pyrrhonota) Isaac
1986 Serpa, Lawrence The Rearing Imperative Associating Immature and Adult Stream Insects Brumbaugh
1985 Hall, Patricia L. Climatic Factors that Influenced the Initiation of Tobacco-related Culitivation Practices among Prehistoric California Indians Sherman
1985 Peterson, John D. Foraging Behavior and Functional Morphology of the Bark-Foraging Birds of the Bouverie Audubon Preserve Sherman
1984 Anderson, Melanie Vael Ecology and Management of the Northern Oak Woodland Community, Sonoma County, California Sherman
1984 Fishman, Ronald M. Characterizations of Fermentation Products of Selected Bacteroides and Fusobacterium Yamada
1984 Pasquinelli, Renee L. Ecology and Management of the Northern Oak Woodland Community, Sonoma County, California Sherman
1984 Poole, M. Michael Migration Corridors of the California Gray Whale, Eshrichtius robustus, and Assessment of Annual Calf Production and Mortality Isaac
1984 Slayden, OV Daniel Spatial Segregation in Three Sympatric Species of Peromyscus from the North Coast Range of California Isaac
1983 Amaru, Russell R. Limnological Factors Affecting Phytoplankton Productivity in the Sonoma State University Campus Pond Kjeldsen
1983 Cannon, Marilyn Irene New Findings on the Systematics, Cytology, and Reproductive Strategies of Porphyra (Bangiales rhodophyta) in California Kjeldsen
1983 Hartwell, Roger D. Observations of Hybrid Sunfishes (Centrarchidae), Leponis macrochirus & Lepomis cyanellus, in Norem Pond, Napa Valley Hopkirk
1983 Williams, Jeannine D. An Ultrastructural Study of Murine Cytomegalovirus Replication in the Spleen of Balb/C Mice Hermans
1982 Albert, Carroll P. A Survey of Factors Influencing the Condition of the Stream Zone in Golden Trout Wilderness Sherman
1982 Michael-Taxis, Teena Iridescence in the Marine Alga, Fryeella gardneri (Setchell) Kylin (Phodymeniales) Powell
1981 Bray, Warren S. Polygyny in the Dipper, Cinclus Mexicanus Bonaparte, on the East Side of the Sierra Nevada (Aves, Cinclidae) Hopkirk
1981 Breyer, Amy Osbervations on the Reproduction, Feeding and Ecology of the Wentletrap Epitonium tinctum (Gastropoda: Messogastropoda) Hermans
1981 Griffin, Frederick J. The Mantle/Shell Relationship in the Red Abalone Haliotis rufescens Swainson: A Study in Structure and Function Brumbaugh
1981 Shimizu, Robert M. The Reproductive Cycle and Reproductive Anatomy of the Horseneck Clam, Tresus nuttallii in Tomales Bay, California Hermans
1981 Wecher, Richard Alan Characteristics and Probable Etiology of Luminescent Oscillations in Microaerobic Cultures of Photobacterium phoshoreum Bushnell
1980 Smith, Randolph Carter Rodent Ecology in Great Basin Sand Dunes Isaac
1979 Clopton, Joseph R. A Circadian Activity Thythm in the Larvae and Pupae of the Mosquito Culiseta Incidens Powell
1979 Cunningham, Howard F. Premating Isolating Mechanisms of Three Species of Lake Tahoe Cyprinid Fishes Hopkirk
1978 Guerrant, Edward O. Jr. A Systematic and Ecological Study of Delphiniu luteum Heller (Ranunculacae) Quibell
1978 Heblack, Russell Kent Some Sonoma County Hypogeous Fungi Powell
1978 Miller, Kathryn A. The Effect of Sewage Effluent on Soil Algae Kjeldsen
1977 Andrews, William H. The Culture and Ultrastructure of a Marine Chlorophycean Nannoplankter Kjeldsen
1977 Gnemmi, Peter J. Investigations into Dental Luminescence Bushnell
1977 Hewes, Christopher D. Sea Urchin Egg Bioluminescence: An Intermediate Event of Fertilization and Its Possible Relationship in Mitosis Clothier
1977 Meidell, John Anti-bacterial Activity from the Sea Anemone Metridium senile Blitz
1977 Rosen, Marc David The Ultrastructure and Evolutionary Significance of the Cerebral Ocelli of Mytilus edulis, the Bay Mussel Hermans
1977 Stern, Alan The Growth Yields and Growth Kinetics of a Thermophilic Bacillus, and the properties of a thermophilic Lactate Dehydrogenase Benko
1976 Cornwall, Dennis Reproductive Responses to Photoperiods in the Anna Hummingbird, Calypte anna (Lesson) Arnold
1976 Murray, Douglas M. The Effect of the Presence of Familiar Mates on the Agonistic and Reproductive Behaviors of Subordinate Male Ring Doves Lockner
1976 Peterson, Christopher Comparative and Ecological Anatomy of the Fremontieae Quibell
1975 Admanson, Robert D. Copulatory Behavior of Mixed Populations of the Crayfish Species Orconectes virilis and Procambarus clarkii Northen
1975 Baker, Margaret A light and Electron Microscopic Study of the Eyes of Four Prosobranch Mollusks, Littorina littorea, Nucella Emarginata, Lucana SPP and Tegula Funebralis Hermans
1975 Grevesmuhl, Walter Wm. Distribution and Exposure of Some Acmaeidae of the Northern California Coastal Intertidal Zone Powell
1975 Martin, Gary Glyne Description of Saccocirrus sonomacus sp. n. (Archiannelida) and a Review of the Taxonomy and Systematics of the Genus Hermans
1974 Chime, Lawrence R. Crangonoid Shrimp (Decapoda, Natantia) in Tomales Bay and the Adaptation of Grangon nigricauda (Stimpson) and C. stylirostris (Holmes) to Ecological Niches Brumbaugh
1973 Howe, Kevin M. Systematics of the Gasterosteus Complex (Pisces: Gasterosteidae) in Northern California Hopkirk
1973 Smith, Marie B. Avifaunal Census and Habitat Associations of Fairfield Osborn Preserve, Sonoma County, California Arnold
1973 Trowbridge, Denis Rex A Quantitative Analysis of the slow Rahb Call in Male Mallards (Anas pltyrhinchos L.) Lockner
1973 Tunison, John Timothy A Synecological Study of the Oak-Dominated Communities of Bennett Mountain, Sonoma County, California Stocking
1972 Harris, Robert Stanley Fatty Acids of Deer Muscle as Influenced by Differing Feed Habit Zones Bushnell
1972 Natale, Christann The Initiation of Chirping in Gryllus assimilis by the Onset of Scotophase Liu
1972 Nordhausen, Robert W. Tentacle Ultrastucture and Production of Feeding Mucus in the Dendrochirote Holothurian Cucumaria pseudocurata Deichman, 1938 Hermans
1972 Strasser,Kenneth A. An Autecological Studey of the Red Alga: Constantinea Simplex Setchell Powell
1971 Friese, Nancy V. Observations on the Life History of the Tidewater Goby, Eucuclogobius Newberryi (Girard), in Salmon Creek, Sonoma County, California Hopkirk
1971 Martin, John W. The Ecology of Leptospirosis in a Marine Mammal, The California Sea Lion Iverson
1971 McIhattan, Thomas J. Epizootic Leptospirosis in the California Sea Lion (Zalophus califonianus californianus Iverson
1971 Wagner, Robert J. Isolation of Bacteria from the California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus californianus) During Epizootic Mortality Iverrson
1971 Wilcox, Douglas H. Studies of the Mycorrhiza of Quercus Agrifolia Nee Powell
1970 Connolly, Guy Eric A Population Model for Deer on the Hopland Field Station, Mendocino County, California Isaac
1970 Rotnicki, Marian Konrad Ecology and Primary Productivity of Benthic Estuarine Microalgae Kjeldsen
1969 Cornelius, Colin Jay An Investigation of the Current Ecological Situation of the Sequoia sempervirens Community in Muir National Monument Stocking
1969 Rudee, Anne Shepard The Effects of Variations in Salinity and Temperature on Two Species of Estuarine Algae Kjeldsen
1968 Cockburn, Thomas C. Effect of Estriol upon Hemopoiesis in the Mongolian Gerbil Clothier
1968 Powell Murr, Dennis The Development of the Secretory Canals in Carthamus tinctorius Linnaeus Ebert