Sample Four-Year Program for Bachelor's Degree in Biology

Freshman Year: 31-33 units
Fall Semester (16 units) Spring Semester (15-17 units)
ENGL 101 (3)* PHIL 101 or 102 (3)
BIOL 121 or 122 (4) BIOL 121 or 122 (4)
MATH 165* (4) CHEM 115B/116B (5)
CHEM 115A/116A (5) Electives1 (3-5)Electives1 (3-5)

Sophomore Year: 31-35 units
Fall Semester (15-17 units) Spring Semester (16-18 units)
BIOL 123 (4) G.E. Group A1 course (3)
CHEM 335A (5) Electives2 (9-11)
Electives1 (6-8) BIOL UD3 core course (4)

Junior Year: 28-34 units
Complete Written English Proficiency Test after completing a total of 60 units
Fall Semester (14-17 units) Spring Semester (14-17 units)
Two BIOL UD3 core courses (8) BIOL 1-2 BIOL UD3 core courses (8)
Electives2 (6-9) Electives2 (6-9)

Senior Year: 30-36 units

Complete the biology B.A. requirements by completing required and elective courses in the major and support courses in physical sciences.

Complete the biology B.S. requirements by completing required and elective courses in the major and support courses in physical sciences and math.

Complete general education requirements to a total of 51 units, 9 of which must be upper division (48 for transfer students), including ethnic studies.

Complete total-unit requirements 4 (for B.A. degree, minimum 124; for B.S. degree, minimum 132).

* If a student is not eligible to take either of these courses in the first semester, that student must be enrolled in the recommended preparatory course(s) and complete these courses in the next semester. Students must also delay CHEM 115A/116A until satisfying GE math eligibility.

1 Electives should include at least one lower-division (100-299) GE course each semester. Electives may include additional physical science and mathematics (consult your biology advisor). Unit total per semester should average approximately 16 throughout all eight semesters (8 x 16 = 128) to complete the degree requirements in four years. Depending on student preparation and interests, the appropriate electives in any one semester may not bring the total to exactly 16.

2 Electives may include upper-division BIOL electives and physical science support as well as upper-division (300-499) GE courses. Beginning in the semester in which 60 units total is reached, each student is required to complete 9 units of upper-division GE. It is recommended that all biology majors enroll in Biology Colloquium (BIOL 390), though it is not a required course. It may be taken as many semesters as you wish, but only 2 units may be applied in the major.

3 In second semester sophomore year, if BIOL 123 has been completed, otherwise in the junior year, students should begin taking courses in the U.D. BIOL core. Consult department advisors for choice of additional courses applicable in specific concentrations.

4 Before or during Fall semester of the fourth year, all students planning to graduate that academic year must formally apply to graduate. With their advisor, they will complete the biology requirements form and list any remaining required courses they must complete to graduate.