On Campus Resources: Undocu-Allies

UndocuResource Center

The UndocuResource Center (URC) will temporarily be located in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Office in Salazar 1060. Students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcome to come and visiti. The URC is staffed by Dr. Mariana G. Martinez. Dr. Martinez is with URC on half day basis Monday through Friday. Due to the political climate the URC is focused primarily in being of service to students. For example coordinating Immigration Clinics, Legal counsel and/or partners in the area, Child Custody, UndocuAlly trainings (Staff/Faculty and Student), UndocuStudent Success Workshops: Excelling as an undocumented student in higher education, Financial Aid and Scholarship, Graduate School workshops. As such, our time is committed to meeting with, providing support and developing programming for our students. If you are interested in meeting with me or more inforamtion email me at Dr. Martinez at garciama@sonoma.edu


Staff and other professionals listed below have participated in an Undocu-Ally training. They have gained insight on:

  • The history, laws and policies affecting undocumented youth
  • Review of statistics on the undocumented student population at SSU
  • Provided information about resources for undocumented students on campus
  • Learned of the lived experiences of undocumented students on campus and in the community at large
  • Discussed what it means to be an ally and how to become an ally to undocumented students

Others have been involved as advocates in the movement and served as an educator for many years. They have learned how to serve these particular populations and been key in advancing services on this campus.

Chicano and Latino Studies Department

Patricia Kim-Rajal, Professor
(707) 664-3294, kimrajal@sonoma.edu

Daniel Malpica, Associate Professor & Department Chair
(707) 664-4217, Daniel.malpica@sonoma.edu

Ron Lopez, Associate Professor
(707) 664-3039, ron.lopez@sonoma.edu

Nora Wilkins, Lecturer

Admissions & Records

Gustavo Flores, Director of Enrollment Management
(707) 664-4388, gustavo.flores@sonoma.edu

Student Outreach & Recruitment

Gina Geck, Director of Student Outreach & Recruitment
(707) 664-3035, gina.geck@sonoma.edu

Magali Telles, Early Assessment Program Coordinator
(707) 664-2617, magali.telles@sonoma.edu

Bianca Calderon, Out of State/Non Resident Admissions Counselor

Financial Aid

Susan Gutierrez, Director of Financial Aid
(707) 664-2287, susan.gutierrez@sonoma.edu


UndocuScholar Coalition

Omar Santiago, Chair
Email - undocusscoalition@gmail.com

Maria Nolasco Ramirez, Co-Chair
Email - nolascor@sonoma.edu

Mariana Garcia Martinez, Faculty Advisor/ McNair Scholars Program, University Preparation Services
(707) 664-3897, garciama@sonoma.edu

Undeclared Advising


Kinesiology Department

Lauren Morimoto, Concentration Advisor for Lifetime Fitness, Exercise Science/ Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
(707) 664-2479, morimoto@sonoma.edu

Migrant Education

Giselle Perry, Migrant Education Advisor Program College Coordinator
(707) 664-2748, gperry@bcoe.org

School of Education

Maricela Ibarra, Credential Office Student Services Coordinator
(707) 664-2593, maricela.ibarra@sonoma.edu


Sonoma State UndocuScholars Coalition

Explanation of Club Name Change
With the realization that continuing to call ourselves “DREAMers” contributes to our own alienation within OUR country, we have decided to change our name. We NO longer accept being called “DREAMers”, since this name that derived from the DREAM ACT, acronym for “DEVELOPMENT, RELIEF AND EDUCATION FOR ALIEN MINORS” institutionalized our acceptance of being called “ALIEN”.
With our name change we challenge those that have tried to define us. In response to Tony Morrison’s quote: “Definitions belong to the definer, not the defined” we say, NO MORE. We will no longer accept being defined by others because we are not aliens, we are undocumented, we are scholars trying to improve our lives. We are the Undocu-Scholars Coalition, we are U.S.C.
UndocuScholars Coalition.
Sonoma State University

FALL 2017 MEETINGS:  Mondays 12:30 - 1:30pm Salazar Hall 2012, second floor

Providing services and information including:

  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Driver’s License Information (AB 60)
  • California Dream Act (AB 130 & AB 131)
  • Education workshops - Undocumented Students and Higher Education
  • Graduate school for undocu-students
  • Financial Aid / Scholarships

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Any student who is a California resident or qualifies for an AB 540 exemption is eligible to apply to the Educational Opportunity Program. The mission of the EOP program is to provide access to higher education for historically low-income, first generation students who have the potential to succeed at the university level.
EOP recruits, retains and graduates students by providing a comprehensive program of support services which include admission, academic advisement, career and personal counseling, tutoring, and financial assistance.
Please visit the Sonoma State EOP website for more information.