Advisors for Student Organizations

All chartered student organizations are required to have an advisor. An advisor must be a faculty or staff member who works for Sonoma State University and is paid by the state of California. The relationship that is established between an advisor and the student organization is to be determined by both parties.

Advisors are expected to be aware of the organization's activities. In addition, the advisor serves as a University signature for space reservations and organization expenditures.

It is important that the lines of communication are clear and open. If a student organization has any infraction of University policy, the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service will contact the advisor. Advisors need to be aware of campus policies and procedures that relate to student organizations.

Responsibilities and Requirements for Student Organization Advisors

The following are responsibilities and requirements for faculty or staff who choose to be an advisor to a student organization

  1. Be available to advise and support the student organization you are advising.

  2. Establish an open line of communication between the organization and yourself, whether it is attending their meetings or only receiving e-mail reports. Be clear that communication is an expectation and discuss how that is going to occur. It is recommended that at minimum, the organization President meets on a regular basis with the advisor.

  3. Advisors' signatures are required on all chartering paperwork, on-campus reservations, and accounting forms.

  4. The Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service will notify advisors when there has been an infraction related to university policy or procedures that may lead to disciplinary action for the organization and/or organization member(s).

  5. All organization Presidents and Treasurers are required to attend a mandatory chartering meeting as part of the re-chartering requirements, advisors are welcome to attend any one of these meetings. Additionally, the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement & Service hosts periodic advisor workshops and networking opportunities.

  6. Advisors should be aware of the organization's approved constitution and by-laws and encourage an annual review these documents and that other necessary updates to these documents be made as necessary.

  7. Advisors are required to be a signer on the Associated Students (AS) Trust Agreement Form and to sign the Student Union Signature Authorization Form. All organizations are required to have an account with the AS and fulfill all financial obligations.

  8. Sport Clubs are required to meet with the Sport Club Coordinator monthly. Each member must complete a Release Agreement and meet other requirements established by the Sport Club Coordinator. Specific questions related to advising Sport Clubs should be directed to the Sport Club Coordinator.

  9. Fraternity & sorority organization presidents are required to attend scheduled meetings with the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service. Each organization is required to send representation to appropriate governing council meetings.

  10. Advisors who are going on sabbatical or leave for more than four (4) weeks are no longer eligible to maintain advisor status. Please notify the organization you are advising prior to any leave so that they may find a new advisor. Failure to do so may place the organization on inactive status.

  11. When there is ANY change within the organization of individuals that have signature authority ALL chartering forms are required to be submitted with new signatures of the officers and the advisor.

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