Greek Programs

Greek Community Summit

Topic #1: Relationship with Rohnert Park / Greater SSU Community

Goal: Have a voice in City Council decisions & educate Greek membership on local laws
Action Item: Within next two weeks, chapters will bring computers to chapter meetings and register to vote online ( STATUS: Incomplete

Goal: have a voice in SSU policy changes impacting student-run activities and have more options for late night activities on campus
Action Item(s):

  • Next week: Invite AS representatives to Council meetings; inform
    chaptersof date so delegates can come prepared with
    STATUS: In Progress
  • Over the next year: Have chapter representatives attend weekly AS Senate meetings
    STATUS: In Progress

Goal: build a better & more purposeful relationship with SSU,
Rohnert Park & Cotati Police

Action Item(s)

  • Next week: Each chapter will email prospective dates (Sundays) in October; Micki will reach out to Chiefs & begin scheduling
    STATUS: IN COMPLETION- MARCH 7th 12-2pm Ballroom C&D
  • Two weeks prior to event: Chapters collect questions to be reviewed

Topic #2: Relationships within Greek community

Goal: create positive relationships by discussing Greek issues
Action item(s): Officer roundtables/trainings

  • Next week: each chapter will email Micki with date preference (beginning of  Spring or month into the semester- January vs February)
  • Fall semester: Councils work on creating details of roundtables/trainings

Goal: create positive relationships by focusing on new member connections
Action item(s):

  • October 5th: New Member Summit (focus on creating relationships)
    STATUS: COMPLETE- IFC Spring NM Summit March 2nd
  • Fall & Spring semester: Chapters host new member mixers
    STATUS: In Progress

Goal: increase communication between organizations
Action Item: Create Greek bulletin in new Student Center

Topic #3: Social Standards

Goal: Change how Greek members view their membership focus on:

  • Placing organization before individual
  • Purpose of organization
  • Responsibility falls on everyone
  • Reason why individuals joined organization

Ideas to make change:

  • Greek minimum standards
  • Conversation between chapter leadership about chapter standards
  • Conversation between chapters about enforcement of standards
  • Clear understanding from University admin about expectations/when
    & where University will get involved in organization conduct’
  • Greek Judicial Board/collaboration with University
  • University staffing matching needs of community
  • Individuals in leadership positions acting in accordance with standards
  • Continuing education for membership (should not end after
    new member period)


New Member Summit

March 1, 2014: The New Member Summit provides new members of fraternities and sororities the ability to cultivate friendships within the Greek community. Participants learn about what it means to be a member of a Greek organization by emphasizing the most prominent pillars of the community: leadership, scholarship, service/philanthropy, & brotherhood/sisterhood. 

Greek Roundtables

On Sunday, January 26th officers from all Greek organizations participated in the inaugural Greek Officer Roundtables. They engaged in meaningful conversations revolving around the important topics of scholarship, unity, risk management, and Greek wide standards for the community. 

Greek Week

Past Winners: 

  • 2013: Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority and Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
  • Runners Up: Kappa Delta Zeta Sorority and Alpha Psi Fraternity
  • 2012: Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority and Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
  • 2011:  Kappa Delta Zeta Sorority and Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity
  • 2010:  Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority and Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Greek Awards

The following awards were presented at the most recent Greek Awards in Fall 2013.

6 Greek Pillar Awards

  • Scholarship: Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Chapter and Campus Leadership: Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Community Relations and Membership Development: Alpha Delta Pi, Lambda kappa Pi, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Alpha Psi
  • Service and Fundraising: Alpha Gamma Delta, Lambda Kappa Pi, Tau
    Kappa Epsilon
  • External and Alumni Relations: Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Chapter Standards and Membership Accountability: Alpha Gamma Delta

Individual Awards

  • New Member of the Year: Nick Grave (AEPi) and Mary Gannon (AGD)
  • Chapter Advisor of the Year: Mike Ogg (Phi Delta Theta) and Molly Rattigan (AGD)
  • Greek Man And Woman: Ace Vindiola and Francis Telles
  • Chapter President of the Year: Ricky Solomon (TKE) and Brooke Abel (AGD)
  • Chapters of Merit: Alpha Xi Delta, Kappa Delta Zeta, Gamma Phi Beta
  • Chapter of Achievement: Alpha Epsilon Pi
  • Chapter of Excellence: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, and Lambda Kappa Pi
  • Chapter of the Year: Alpha Gamma Delta