2012-2017 Strategic Plan

The members of Fraternity & Sorority Life at Sonoma State University (FSL@SSU) have been working on creating a Strategic Plan to help guide the community into the future. The document and work is still in progress, but this page will help provide updates and timelines of upcoming meetings, discussions, and deadlines.


FSL@SSU aspires to be the premiere fraternity/sorority community in the CSU system and the state of California. FSL@SSU aims to be a model for all other fraternity/sorority systems in the region and the nation.


FSL@SSU offers undergraduate students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and grow as individuals. The community provides numerous opportunities for students to learn about how to build community and strong relationships within chapters, councils, SSU, and their surrounding areas. The members take service and academics seriously and hold each other to higher standards.

Shared Values

Service, Leadership, Academics, Integrity, Personal Growth, Community Building.

Intended Outcomes and Objectives

The outcomes and objectives of the plan directly correlate to the shared values of FSL@SSU. Each shared value has an intended outcome and numerous objectives to help the community get closer to achieving the intended outcome. The objectives are intentional and quantifiable where possible. It will take a collective effort of all partners (members, chapters, councils, advisors, CSLIS, headquarters staff, and Sonoma State University administrators, faculty, and staff) to make this a successful endeavor.

Strategic Plan Outcomes & Objectives