inMotion Class Descriptions

Coreflow- Burn and sculpt your entire mid-section and find release in a strength and flow-movement style class.

Core Stability- Build a strong core and back with pilates and yoga inspired exercises that will leave you feeling aligned and energized.

HIIT Sanity- High intensity interval training focused on burning calories and building endurance. Movement is inspired by the Shaun T. workout series.

Cycling- Group exercise class done on stationary bikes. Ride hills, sprint, and burn calories.



Kickboxing- A form of martial arts that combines boxing with the element of karate.

Yoga- A balanced combination of sustained poses and fluid movement to bring physical balance to the body.

Zumba- Aerobic fitness inspired by various styles of latin dance. Burn calories and dance your heart out to awesome music.

Full Body Move- A full body workout focused on creating lean muscle and strength. The class incorporates body weight, dumbbells, moves to improve muscle endurance, balance, and overall body definition.