Noah Bernhardt

Attended: Noah first got into massage after starting to play Ultimate Frisbee during his freshman year of college. A family friend, skilled Thai Massage practitioner, Chuck Duff, helped immensely with back and arm issues throughout college.  Noah traveled to Chicago to train formally with Chuck, and hopes to return later this year to continue his education.
Graduated: 2015
Modalities: His injuries are what inspired him to receive his Level 1 and 2 Thai Massage Therapy certification from Thai Bodywork in San Fransisco. Since then, Noah has learned Swedish Massage at the McKinnon Institute in Oakland, and Resistance Flexibility from Santa Barbara-based guru Bob Cooley. 

Olivia Martin

Attended: Olivia Martin obtained her massage license at the Sebastopol Massage Center.
Modalities: She has worked at various spas in the Sonoma County area (wine country) and knows many types of massage. Her gentle, healing intuitive touch will help you feel grounded, stable and in your body again. She does various types of energy work, deep tissue strokes, Swedish and hot stone all to bring you to a place of relaxation and stability.