Nutrition Team

Nutrition Educator

Katie Mae M.S.
Katie Mae is passionate about making healthy living easy, sustainable and delicious! She consults with students individually to meet their health and dietary goals, gives group classes and free potlucks to build community, and works with dining services to offer nutritious foods on campus. To support healthy eating at SSU, It’s essential to provide students with nutrition education and of course, access to good food!

Katie recently co-founded Sprout'd, an online hub to inspire and support the next generation of women's health. She also provides cooking demos at TrueNorth Health Center and works with Dr. McDougall’s Health and Medical Center. She holds a Masters in Nutrition from Bastyr University, a leading school in holistic medicine. Her other passions include yoga, meditation, dancing, live music and traveling.

Nutrition Interns

Julie Alfaro
Major: Kinesiology 
Favorite Foods: Blueberries, bananas, granola, nuts, edamame, avocado, sweet potatoes and much more! 
Food Interests: Learning more about nutrition; helping others obtain a healthy diet and lifestyle
Career Path: I would love to become a registered dietitian. My goal is to help anyone who is interested in obtaining a healthy lifestyle and help them reach their goals. I want to make a difference in people's lives and help others, with a focus on supporting healthy living for the elderly and children.

Ella MacCloskey
Major: Women and Gender Studies with a focus in health 
Favorite Food: Sushi
Food interests: Nutrition; making nutrition information more available, and making nutrition education more interesting to people 
Career Path: I hope to work in a health field, either in Gerontology or more preferably counseling. I want to become involved in my community and promote health in some aspect.  

Rebekah Israel

Major: ENSP and Anthropology
Favorite Foods: Avocados, curry, dahl, samosas, tamales
Food Interests: Learning about holistic health/nutrition, sharing delicious recipes and foods, creating community!
Career Path: Working with connecting people to the earth, developing sustainable and healthy communities, understanding the symbiotic relationship between people and the land

Ashley Forrer

Major: Biology
Favorite Foods: Fresh summer berries, smoothies!, kale, curries, green juice
Food Interests: Using nutrition as medicine to heal disease, making healthy nutritious eating more accessible, fun and exciting, using food to thrive in all aspects of life!
Career Path: I hope to become a Registered Dietitian and integrate nutrition into a deeper wellness program, which would incorporate nutrition, yoga and other exercise, mindfulness, and sustainable lifestyle practices. In this work I hope to show others how food and proper nutrition can help heal and prevent disease, as well as lead to a more VIBRANT life!

Courtney Atchley

  Human Development;
 Minor: Women's Health
Favorite Foods:  Sandwiches, salad, and lots of soup!  
Food Interests: Disease prevention and treatment, benefits of a plant-based diet, how our bodies use food as fuel
Career Path: I hope to help people create positive lifestyle changes by teaching about food and it's effect on health on a individual and community level. I want to create outreach programs and use them as a tool to teach people about the power that food has on overall health and well-being and also implement community health education programs with up-to-date curriculum to teach more people (especially women!) about food and nutrition, all while having a blast in the process!

Jestina Casas
Major: Kinesiology - Exercise Science
Favorite Foods: Anything spicy - the hotter, the better!
Food Interests: I have a passion for cooking and the social aspect of food. It's amazing how such a basic necessity can bring people together.
Career Path: I hope to get into a career that allows me to combine fitness and nutrition to help others. I'd love to continue school for nutrition counseling and culinary training, as well as become a certified personal trainer.