Recycled Materials

Recycle is often the most popular term in the phrase, "reduce, reuse, recycle." However, reducing overall consumption and reusing items wherever possible is an integral part of sustainability. By purchasing durable materials made with recycled content, Campus Recreation is able to lessen its negative impact on the environment.

Image of area near Bacon and Eggs, flowers in the foreground, students sitting at outdoor tables in the background.

The flooring in the gym is Smartwood certified which means it was made with environmentally and socially responsible forestry practices. Conservation in biodiversity was a high priority during production.

Polymer Countertops

The solid polymer counter tops are made from 100% post-industrial recycled products. The company has a zero waste policy that practices conservation, preservation, and protection of natural resources.

Rubber Flooring on Track

The use of recycled rubber in the climbing wall area flooring diverted 1,342 tires (16,100 lbs. of rubber) from California's waste stream. It was made possible by a generous grant from The California Integrated Waste Management Board.

Floor Tiles

The tiles are made in the USA and are composed of over 55% recycled glass. Reusing recycled glass is an environmental alternative to using raw materials which cause more pollution.

Flooring in ODP Office and Kitchen

The flooring in the ODP office and the kitchen is made from non-hazardous, renewable raw materials. This linoleum was manufactured in an environmentally responsible way with minimum environmental impact.

Recycled Carpeting

This carpet was made from 100% fully recycled carpet in a closed loop program. At the end of its lifetime, the carpet can go back to the manufacturer and be used to make more carpet. By utilizing a closed loop system, waste can be reduced, recycled, and reused.

Climbing Wall Climbing Wall Flooring

The rubber flooring on the track and in the fitness center was safe to the environment in every stage of development. Resource waste was minimized and no toxic gases were used. The flooring is inherently anti-bacterial so synthetic toxic chemicals are not needed to clean it.

Chairs in the Zen Garden

The chairs and tables in the Zen Garden are made from 100% recycled plastic and other ecological materials. The furniture was built using sustainable material and ecological awareness.

Office Furniture Office Furniture

The office furniture is made from sunflower seed hulls. Sunflower seed hulls are an environmentally safe alternative to hard wood. In fact, not one tree was cut down to make this furniture. Sunflower seed are often destroyed by being burned; this releases large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Making furniture out of sunflower hulls saves the hulls from being burned, and is a better alternative for the environment.

The Shetka Stone tables were made from 100% recycled paper, plant, and cloth fibers. Any type of paper can be used to make these tables including waxed paper, glossy paper, magazine, or telephone books. All by-products caused by production can be recycled back into manufacturing.

Office Chair

The seat structure is made from recycled bumpers and household plastic. The fabric covering is made of natural fibers and can be recycled at the end of its use. The entire chair is recyclable and will cause minimal environmental effects.

Table Top

The colorful glass tables by Counter Productions were made with over 80% recycled content. Stained glass scraps, curbside recycling, and post-industrial glass were all diverted from landfills to be included in the tabletops.