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Latin American Studies

Program offered
Minor in Latin American Studies

Robert McNamara / Political Science Department, 707 664-2676
Elizabeth Martinez / Foreign Languages, 707 664-3161

Latin American Studies Minor

The minor in Latin American Studies offers a cross-disciplinary concentration on an important region of the world for students preparing for careers in or focusing on Latin America. Through a combination of courses in different disciplines, it provides a general background in Latin American culture, history, politics, economics, literature, social structures, and foreign relations. Although a foreign language is not required, the study of Spanish, Portuguese, or indigenous languages is highly recommended.

The minor consists of 20 semester units, which include courses in at least two different disciplines: at least one from category A, and not more than three courses from any one discipline. Classes used for general education may not be applied towards the minor. Students interested in the minor should contact Robert McNamara, Department of Political Science or Elizabeth Martinez, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

A. Regional Courses

GEOG 392 Latin America: Culture and Environment (3-4)
HIST 339 Ancient and Colonial Latin America (4)
HIST 342 Modern Latin America (4)
POLS 453 Politics of Latin American (4)
SPAN 307 Introduction to Latin America (3)

B. Specialized Courses

ANTH 363 Communities in Mexico (3)
ECON 403 Seminar in International Development (4)
GEOG 318 Field Experience, Baja California (3)
HIST 341 Central America (4)
HIST 431 History of Cuba (3-4)
HIST 433 History of Mexico (4)
HIST 434 United States and Latin America (4)
SPAN 497 Seminar in Latin American Literature (3)

C. Supporting Electives

Any courses focusing on Latin America in art, literature, philosophy, music, economics, Mexican American studies, Native American studies or liberal studies approved by the advisor for the minor in Latin American Studies.
Total units for minor 20

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