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Physical Sciences for Elementary School Teachers

Program offered
Minor in Physical Sciences

Program Advisors and Offices
Douglas Martin / Chemistry Department
Darwin Hall 126
707 664-2334,

Rolfe Erickson / Geology Department
Darwin Hall 126
707 664-2334

Joseph S. Tenn / Physics and Astronomy Department
Darwin Hall 144
707 664-2594,

The minor in physical sciences for elementary teachers provides an introduction to the physical sciences at a nontechnical (nonmathematical) level. The minor is intended for liberal studies majors who also plan to enter a general elementary school teaching credential program. The minor will provide the background and skills to teach some physical sciences in the elementary and middle schools. This minor is not appropriate for students planning to teach science in the secondary schools; they should study physical science at a more technical level, and may choose a minor in astronomy, chemistry, geology, or physics.

Minor in Physical Sciences

The minor consists of the following 22-23 units. Six of these will also be counted in general education. Students interested in the minor should consult an advisor.

Minor Core Requirements

Complete the following 16-17 units; of these, 6 may be applied to general education.
ASTR 100 Descriptive Astronomy 3
CHEM 102 Toxicology, Food and Chemistry 3
GEOL 102 Our Dynamic Earth 3
CS 101 Introduction to Computers and Computing 3
PHYS 100 Descriptive Physics 3
ASTR 231 Introductory Observational Astronomy (2) or
PHYS 102 Descriptive Physics Laboratory (1) 1-2
Total units in minor core 16-17

Minor Electives

Complete 6 units from the following:
ASTR 305 Frontiers in Astronomy (3)
ASTR 350 Cosmology (3)
GEOG 310 Meteorology (3-4)
GEOL 306 Environmental Geology (3)
GEOL 323 Hydrology (3)
PHYS 342 Popular Optics (3)
Total units in the minor electives 6
Total units in the minor, including 6 units in general education 22-23

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