The Chemistry Department offers a flexible academic program designed to familiarize students with the concepts of the atomic and molecular worlds. Students may choose a course pattern of upper-division electives for the B.A. or B.S. degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry that emphasizes the areas of analytical, organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, pre-health professional preparation, or pre-enology. In addition, this B.S. degree in Chemistry is certified by the American Chemical Society. Overall, courses are designed to provide students with leadership, communication, and critical thinking abilities.

Welcome from the Chair

Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Internships at SSU

All students do undergraduate research projects before graduating. Often upper division coursework incorporates research projects that allow students to excel in initiative, teamwork, and competence in chemistry. During these research projects, each student works directly with a professor.

SSU's Chemistry Faculty

The faculty in the Chemistry Department feel their role is more than just being a teacher. They strive to engage their students in real-world studies and discussions that help ensure their success beyond the classroom and well into the professional world.


studentInnovative New Laboratories
In 2006, Darwin Hall was completely renovated, brining fresh new 21st century laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to the School of Science and Technology. This newly designed facility provides study spaces for students, and the equipment necessary for specialized research.

One Student at a Time

  • SSU's classes are relatively small and provide a high degree of individual instruction and advising.
  • Professors teach their own classes and are accessible to students for out-of-classroom assistance.
  • Advisors track students' progress to be sure they are on track and moving forward. Working with students, faculty help other students become more aware of chemistry-related activities.
  • There are numerous research opportunities not only for graduate students, but for undergraduates as well.
  • Through the department's "Senior Experience," students become involved in various learning activities under the mentorship of the faculty.
  • The Chemistry Club and the Pre-Professional Health Club host renowned guest speakers who give exciting and timely presentations.

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