Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties and how it changes. An understanding of chemical principles is required to fully understand most scientific disciplines such as biology, medicine, physics, environmental science, geology, materials science, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, forensic science, most branches of engineering and even studio art. Chemists study not only molecules that nature provides but also synthesizes new molecules to be used in many of these fields. 

Degree Requirements
B.S. Chemistry
B.A. Chemistry
B.S Biochemistry

Math / Chemistry Double Major

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Learning Outcomes

General Catalog (pdf)

All three degrees provide students with a solid chemical foundation to prepare them for graduate school, professional school, or the workforce. The B.S. degree requires more science coursework, while the B.A. degree allows more flexibility for other academic interests. The B.S. in Biochemistry is designed for students with an interest in the biological aspects of chemistry and the pre-health professions.

Careers in Chemistry

professionsSonoma State University is fortunate to be situated within the greater Bay Area, which is rapidly becoming a leading area for research in disciplines such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, materials science, and proteomics. Sonoma State graduates have a high success rate for acceptance into advanced degree programs in chemistry and biochemistry; medical, dental, and veterinary schools; cell and molecular biology; and materials science.

They have also entered the job market in a variety of careers, including government agencies (FBI, forensics), technical writing, chemical and biochemical research, cosmetics and perfumes, space chemistry, teaching at all levels, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, patent law, materials research, consulting, and applications of chemistry in business. Students seeking teaching credentials may elect chemistry as their major within the teaching credential program in science.

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