Five Year Capital Outlay Program

The California State University (CSU) is the largest system of higher education in this country, and has an obligation to continue to serve the state’s diverse college-going population. Maintaining high quality academic programs for more than 450,000 students requires varied facilities across the state built in consideration of life cycle costs, environmental responsibility and sustainability. Projects are categorized as minor capital outlay and major capital outlay.

Minor Capital Outlay

The campus is required to develop and maintain a list of projects to be implemented as part of the physical master plan. This list covers a five year period beyond the annual cycle of the most recent Governor's Budget. Referred to as the Five Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the CIP includes both state and non-state funded projects with a value of $600,000 or less.

Major Capital Outlay

This is a state funded program that focuses on projects that correct building deficiencies, provide new or improved facilities, or provide equipment for new or improved facilities, and have estimated costs of $600,000 or more. The campus prepares an annual list of recommended projects that is reviewed and approved by the CSU Board of Trustees.

Each year at the Chancellor’s request, Sonoma State University Capital Planning, Design and Constructions in conjunction with various departments on campus submit project proposals for the Capital Outlay Budget Change Proposal/Capital Improvement Plan in several categories including major and minor capital outlay, capital improvement and energy improvement proposals.

The latest Five Year Plan (pdf - 19MB) submission of projects can be found on-line at the Facilities Planning pages at the CSU web site.

Five Year Plan