Depth Psychology: MA Program


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M.A. in Psychology, Depth Psychology Emphasis

The Master's in Psychology degree offers an emphasis in depth psychology with a curriculum centered on the psychology of C. G. Jung.  Students learn the basic concepts and theories of Jungian psychology, learn basic methods and skills of in-depth work, survey worldwide cross-cultural mythological and symbolic motifs, learn research methods and group facilitation skills, complete an internship, and author a second year paper in an area of their passionate interest. Small seminars in selected topics in the second year complete the experience.

What Students Say

Students describe the program as fundamentally altering the way they experience their lives.  In addition to teaching skills in depth inquiry, teaching, group work, and facilitating transformation in individuals, it catalyzes the students’ own transformation.  The program provides a container for exploring, experimenting with, and developing new and creative parts of the self.  It calls on head and heart: it’s both academically rigorous and experientially rich.


What Graduates Do

Alumni go on to develop depth-oriented programs in the community; teach psychology at community colleges and universities; work in mental health, human resources, and community non-profits; facilitate groups; pursue doctoral degrees in clinical psychology, depth psychology, and mythological studies; and deepen their engagement in their family, work, and community lives.

The skills developed in the program are useful for anyone who desires to work with others on a deeper level, teachers and facilitators particularly. Activists in community work, ecology and nature-based programs, rites of passage work, community ritual, and art find that the program inspires them and engages their initiative. Those with a vision of a society grounded in community may find that the program offers them skills and a vocabulary to bring their vision into the world in their particular field of interest.

Our Identity Statement

We are a community of reflective engaged learners who integrate scholarship and embodied practices, with the goal of contributing in reflective, creative and transformative ways to community life.

We draw from cross-cultural insights to teach skills in depth inquiry practices, rituals of personal and cultural transformation, and ecological awareness.

We seek to contribute to thriving cultural forms that promote soulful and sustainable living.


Program Prerequisites

Program prerequisites are in child or adult development, personality, abnormal psychology, and research methods.  Competency equivalents are discussed with the Program Coordinator, Laurel McCabe.


The accreditation process offers assurance that academic programs meet the specific educational standards of the accrediting body. While there is no accrediting body for depth psychology academic programs (as there are, for example, for counseling and clinical programs), the program is accredited through Sonoma State's institutional accreditation, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).