Depth Psychology: MA Program

Program Coordinator

Laurel McCabe, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology Department
Stevenson Hall 3087
(707) 664-2130 | Fax (707) 664-3113


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Admission to the M.A. in Psychology, Depth Psychology Emphasis

Application Process

We accept applications for Fall 2019 on Oct 1 online through Cal State Apply.

Sonoma State Admissions

Cal State Apply website and directions pdf

Cal State Apply School of Extended and International Education application directions

Sonoma State Graduate Studies


Sonoma State International Graduate Admissions Information

Sonoma State Psychology MA Program Registration


Cal State Apply Information

Campus Name: Sonoma State University
Delivery Format: Face to face
Start Term: Fall 2019
Invitation Code: Not required
Program and Degree: Scroll to E for Extended and International Education, then D for Depth Psychology


The University application is in Quadrants 1 & 2; the Psychology MA program application is in Quadrant 4. Quadrant 3 is not needed. To see what is asked in the program application before you go online, you may download this old application form, keeping in mind that you have to apply online through Cal State Apply. Download the old application here.

Applicants do not have to enter by hand every undergraduate or graduate course taken; the Admissions team reviews transcripts and evaluates them.

Applicants do not have to compute GPA. Enter a ballpark number (3.0, 3.5, etc.). The Admissions team computes GPA.

The personal statement is the single most important part of the application, as all applicants meet the prerequisites. It is a 4-page narrative reflection in which you're asked to reflect on your life and development vis a vis a self-chosen symbol/s; the significant events and relationships in your life; and your reasons for wishing to enter the program. Give careful thought to this part of the application and write it before you start your Cal State Apply application so you can upload it directly.

Letters of recommendation are called Evaluations in Cal State Apply. Links will be sent to the e-mail addresses you provide for your recommenders to upload their letters.

Deadline for Application

In order to submit timely applications for financial aid and scholarships, our preferred priority deadline is Jan 31, 2019. This enables you to apply for a Sonoma State scholarship which has a deadline of Feb 1, 2019 for the following academic year, and for financial aid which has a March 2 priority deadline. We continue taking applications until our preferred class number is reached. Early application increases opportunities for financial aid and scholarship funding.

Fall Admissions

We accept students only for fall admission. We do not defer admission to the following year.

M.A. in Psychology, Depth Psychology Admission Requirements

The criteria for application and acceptance into the M.A. in Psychology, Depth Psychology program are the following:

  • B.A. or B.S. from an accredited institution.
  • Minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 in the last 60 units of coursework.
  • Competency in written and oral expression, as demonstrated by the coherence of the personal statement, and an oral interview.
  • Emotional maturity, as demonstrated in the personal written statement, life experiences, and oral interview.
  • Readiness for graduate work, as evidenced through 3 letters of recommendation.
  • Completion of specified prerequisite coursework in psychology with a minimum grade of B, or approved competency equivalents. A maximum of 9 units may be lower division courses completed at a community college. The courses must be completed before the first day of classes in late August.
  • Self-reflectiveness as evidenced in the description of symbolic process.
  • Winged

Program Prerequisites

Psychology Course Prerequisites

  • Development (this may include Child, Lifespan, or Adult, and could include Psychology of Aging; Jungian Psychology; or Psychology of Women)
  • Abnormal Psychology / Psychopathology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Research Methods in Psychology (may include qualitative or narrative methods, as well as quantitative; qualitative methods are primarily used in the program)
  • Minimum grade of B in prerequisites

Symbolic Process PrerequisiteDeAlchimiaDew

Symbolic process involves personal expression in symbolic forms (art, dreamwork, poetry, myth, sandplay, for example) and reflection on that expression for personal growth. Undergraduate courses offered in Sonoma State's Psychology Department, such as Myth, Dream, and Symbol; Jungian Psychology; Introduction to Art Therapy; and selected Psychology 490 seminars meet the requirements for symbolic process. Therapeutic dreamwork also meets this requirement. We’re interested in the applicant's self-reflectiveness and the meaning the applicant makes in the context of the life development.

Enrolling at SSU or SRJC for Prerequisites

If you're planning to take prerequisite courses at a Junior College such as Santa Rosa Junior College, or at Sonoma State, check their websites for information on admission, application and semester schedules. This is especially important given the budget cuts that the California higher education system is experiencing. SSU courses may be taken through Open University, and in January Intersession and Summer session, with enrollment through Extended Education; these do not require advance application.

The SSU Psychology department offers courses such as these that meet the prereqs:

Developmental: Ger 300, Journey of Adulthood; Psy 302, Lifespan Development; Psy 408, Transitions in Adult Development; Psy 409, Social and Emotional Development; Psy 410, Child Development; Psy 411, Behavioral & Emotional Problems of Children.

Abnormal / Psychopathology: Psy 425, Psychopathology.

Personality: Psy 461, Personality.

Research Methods: Psy 280, Intro to Research Methods.

Symbolic Work: Psy 322, Myth Dream & Symbol; Psy 466, Jungian Psychology; Psy 490, Introduction to Art Therapy; Psy 490, Expressive Arts Therapy.

On-line Coursework

Some students avail themselves of on-line Psychology courses to meet the academic prerequisites. UC Berkeley, Foothill College, and other colleges and universities offer on-line courses that accommodate distance learning.


Applicants should send two official transcripts from each school attended. Official transcripts may be sent by mail or delivered electronically through the services listed below. Request official transcripts as soon as possible as they can take 3-8 weeks to arrive. If you have prior academic work at Sonoma State, you do not have to send an offical copy of this transcript as Admissions and Records will pull your records from their files. If your transcript is from a non-English speaking institution, estimate 1 - 2 months for translation and evaluation.

Mail official transcripts to:

Office of Admissions
Sonoma State University
1801 E. Cotati Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA  94928-3609

SSU accepts electronic transcripts from two sources only:

  • eTranscripts California
  • Parchment

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation should be from those who know the applicant in a meaningful way. When possible, we ask for at least one recommendation from an academic teacher and one from a supervisor from the work setting. For undergraduates, three academic letters are fine. Letters of recommendation are submitted online by recommenders through the Cal State Apply process.

Financial Aid

The Sonoma State Financial Aid office offers loans and selected scholarships to Master's students. Be aware of deadlines. The deadline to apply for a Sonoma State Scholarship is Feb 1 for the following academic year. The priority deadline to apply for financial aid is March 2 for the following academic year. Applicants are eligible for university scholarships, external scholarships through foundations and other sources, federal work-study, Perkins loans, and Direct Loans. Students are eligible for federal veterans educational benefits sponsored by the US Department of Veteran Affairs.

Because M.A. in Psychology students are not charged state fees to attend the program, students are not eligible for funds from state university grants, Cal Grants or the state veterans fee waiver program.

The FAFSA is required for financial aid and should be completed early in the calendar year (January or February) for the best financial aid packages. In order to ensure timely processing for the fall semester, applications for financial aid should be completed at the time of application to the Master's program--if the applicant does not enroll in the fall semester, the package can be declined. On-line application is the fastest way to apply.

We welcome international students in the program. Students on F1 or J1 visas may apply for university scholarships which are offered on an annual basis, but international students are not eligible for U.S. Government or California state financial aid. If you plan to enter the U.S. on an F1 or J1 visa, certificates of eligibility (form I-20 or DS-2019) for obtaining the visa cannot be issued until you have proven the ability to provide full financial support for the first year of your stay at Sonoma State. See the University International Student website for more information.

Returning second year Master's students may apply to selected Psychology Department scholarships. For students presenting their work at national and international academic conferences, the James L. Jarrett Award is a competitive award providing monetary recognition for their accomplishments.

Students receiving financial aid must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA, with no Incompletes carried into the next semester, to ensure continued financial aid. A course Incomplete places a student on Academic Probation; the Incomplete must be completed the semester following the course in order to qualify for future financial aid. A maximum of 45 post-baccalaureate academic units are eligible for financial aid. See the Financial Aid website for more information on satisfactory academic progress, maximum units, and disqualification.

International Students

We welcome international students into the program. Sonoma State's Center for International Education can answer your questions regarding study at Sonoma State and provide assistance and support as you navigate through the processes necessary for international students. For information on visa requirements and financial support eligibility, visit the University International Student website.

Questions and Inquiries

Contact the Program Coordinator, Laurel McCabe, for questions about the program, prerequisites, competency equivalents for the prerequisite courses, as well as the symbolic process prerequisite. Potential applicants are sometimes advised to take psychology or art therapy courses offered at Sonoma State, either during the regular semester, or during January Intersession and Summer Session, through Open University. Prerequisites must be completed before the start of classes in August.

Application Deadlines

Laurel, Program Coordinator, at Stonehenge

We begin accepting applications for fall 2019 admission online through Cal State Apply. The preferred priority deadline is Jan 31, 2019. This enables you to apply for a Sonoma State scholarship which has a deadline of Feb 1, 2019 for the following academic year, and for financial aid which has a March 2 priority deadline. We continue taking applications until our preferred class number is reached. Early application increases opportunities for financial aid and scholarship funding.

We accept students for fall admission only. We do not defer admission to the following year. We do not offer part-time progress toward the degree.

We make initial evaluations and then schedule personal interviews which are required for entrance into the program. We notify applicants of acceptance by mail or email following the personal interviews.


Public Programs

Naomi LowinskyHear Dr. Naomi Lowinsky speak on the wild source of poetry on Sat April 27, 10am - 1 pm in Art 108.

Information Meeting

Algeria White LadyAttend the next program Information Meeting in Stevenson Hall 3042 on Sat March 9, 2-4 pm.

Applications for Fall 2019

de AlchimiaYes, we are accepting applications for fall 2019 through Cal State Apply.