Depth Psychology: MA Program


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M.A. in Psychology, Depth Psychology Master's Theses (T) & Articles (A)

Master's theses are available through Sonoma State´s Schulz Library.

Class of 2019

  • Ana Stayton, We sing for the earth: Ritual songwriting for our planetary community (A)
  • Courtney Weixel, Lights, camera, psyche: Using mythic exploration and performance as a conduit for self-discovery in middle-school students (A)

Class of 2018

  • Fraser Fontane, Bipolar disorder: A critique of biological determinism(A)
  • Jessica Miranda, An exploration of the unconscious through discomfort (A)
  • Tim Olejniczak, Exploring allergies in children from a biopsychosocial perspective: A review of the existing research (A)

Class of 2017

  • Kehaulani Aspen, Encounters with the Self: One woman's individuation journey (A)
  • Kathleen Donnelly, Unearthing the raven stone: A depth psychological narrative on healing from anorexia (A)
  • Todd Harper, Completing the circle: Restorative practice, depth psychology, and the future of education (A)
  • Cynthia Meiswinkel, Finding the key: A symbolic comparison of the effects of early childhood trauma and Type 1 Diabetes (A)
  • Aileen Quinn, The method of mandala drawing and coloring as an art modality used in the treatment of anxiety (A)
  • Rita Shahrokhshahi, Remembering the sacred feminine through the motherline: A quest toward wholeness (T)
  • Danyae Spada-Chasse, The impact of a sensory-based art intervention in 6th to 8th grade boys with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (T)
  • Danny Thompson, The psychological journey of a non-resident father (A)

Class of 2016

  • Marjorie Florestal, Healing racism's psychic wound: A Jungian approach (A)
  • Eleanor Harding, Slacklining as a mindfulness practice (A)
  • Mark Konezny, Why live? The Self, the shattering, fermentatio, and Horus (A)
  • Margaret Masquelier, A study of transformational relationships in a spiritually-based recovery group (A)
  • Bailey Murphy, Beyond the veil: Relationship with alcohol as guardian of the threshold to grief (A)
  • Dena Watson-Krasts, Rediscovering beauty: An autoethnography of conscious creativity exploring rape culture, grief, and healing (A)

Class of 2015

  • Hamish Eassie, Painted soul: Using symbolic responses to works of art (A)
  • Genevieve Hagopian, Analytical psychology in post-gender discourse (A)
  • Eric Hanley, Beach break: A surfer's journey across boundaries in ocean and psyche (A)
  • Jessica Hole, Cultural imprisonment: Restoring balance to the American justice system and psyche (A)
  • Sil Machado, Faggot speaks: A poetic inquiry into the experience of antigay mistreatment and sexual prejudice (A)
  • Catherine Poloynis, Engaging the unconscious through clay: Ceramic sculpture as exploration (Creative Project)
  • Jody Ressio, My hero's journey through the twelve steps (A)
  • Ariel Serre, Ayahuasca as indigenous alchemy: Understanding and integrating the visionary experience (A)
  • Somer Shook, Healing the motherline (A)
  • Romy-Michelle Unger, From soul to serotonin: Neoliberalism, existential depression, and what's missing in psychology (A)

Class of 2014

  • Susan Audrey, Reclaiming the sacred feminine within: An inner mythic journey toward wholeness (T)
  • Juli Choden, Mandala as a mirror: Self-recognition through creative expression (A)
  • Eileen Clegg, A visual facilitator's self-experiment with story mural (A)
  • Denise Denington, The poetic voice: Retrieving the symbolic voice from dreams of motherloss (A)
  • Kristen Etcheverry, Remembering interconnection: An autobiographical inquiry (A)
  • Marie Judson-Rosier, The alchemical coniunctio of individuation: Transformation during a Ph.D. program as seen through dreams (A)
  • Tomoko Sekitani, Integrating the wisdom of two cultures: Analysis of grief and bereavement in collectivistic and individualistic societies of Japan and the United States (A)
  • Joslyn N. Swinger, Dancing to my depths: A journey into the soul through dance and performance art (Creative Project)
  • Lisa Woods, Dream images for healing: A nurse's personal journey through post-traumatic stress disorder (A)

Class of 2013

  • Samantha Black, Icaro: Sacred song in Amazonian vegetalismo and its relationship to Jungian psychology (A)
  • Susan Coleman, Calling all nations: A celebration of water and belonging (A)
  • Gili Eliaz, The mandala for transformation: A Jungian and Buddhist approach (A)
  • Lauren Farrell, Dreaming for Gaia: Nature dreams of ecologically sensitive people (A)
  • Gordon Gilmore, Hemlock in the clouds (A)
  • Kevin Glaz, The anima and music: A narrative study of the music of Devin Townsend (A)
  • Robert Morris, American cultural myth and the orphan archetype (A)
  • Lisa McCool, Constellation of the therapeutic self (A)
  • Elizabeth Mueller, Archetypal presence: The healing of a traumatic adolescence (A)
  • Jessie Ping Nie, An autoethnographic inquiry into the experience of a Chinese-American marriage (A)
  • Robin Zolotoff, A daughter's journey: A heuristic inquiry and personal reflection of a father's suicide (A)

Class of 2012

  • Michele R. Berrong, The evolution of consciousness: A personal exploration from a depth perspective (A)
  • Kristine Boshell, An alchemical process for individuation (A)
  • Ronald Boyer, The other world of Oz: The threshold passage of Dorothy Gale (A)
  • Susanne Bruggemann, Autism spectrum disorder and sandplay: A qualitative exploration (A)
  • Amanda de Joinville, Transforming matter, transforming self (A)
  • Delinke J. Freed, Personal awakening and transformation through encounters with collective memory (A)
  • Cristina J. Perea Kaplan, Weaving of the wild heart (A)
  • Anne Pierce, Time banking and creative expression (A)
  • Susan Sides, Finding the feminine (T)
  • Deborah Silverblatt, The phenomenal woman project: A pilot study of body image dissatisfaction among midlife women (A)
  • Miasha Terry-Hunter, Looking at girls in the juvenile justice system: Lessons learned from group facilitation (A)

Class of 2011

  • Jestina Azaria, Masks and the art of transformation: A depth psychological study (T)
  • Martine C. Bouvard, Divine Sophia: Psycho-spiritual studies of the Divine Feminine in Corbin, Ibn' Arabi, the fedele d'amore, Jung's anima, and alchemical symbolism (T)
  • Sandra Fisher, Establishing the taproot: An ecopsychological inquiry into the nature of home (T)
  • Rosemary Lloyd Freeman, The heart in the crossfire: An inquiry into awakening the heart to the nature of divine love (T)
  • Jacqueline Johansen, Women, media, image, art: A heuristic journey to meet the body ensouled (T)
  • Teddy Pawloski, Erotic ecology: Earth-based image, identity, and soul (T)
  • Shelby Pudwell, Grief and the dark feminine (T)
  • Niko Whitmire, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and the trickster: A case study of archetypal influence (A)

Class of 2010

  • Marie T. Cantrell, The Loyal Amicus archetype (T)
  • Anne Convery, A bright blooded cord: Healing shame's lineage through storytelling (A)
  • Megan Ingrassia, Transformation through the reconciling symbol: A Jungian investigation of art as spiritual practice (T)
  • Matilde Torallas, My journey and Winnicott (T)

Class of 2009

  • Linda L. Elliott, The puella comes to age: Midlife and psychological maturity (T)
  • Jordan Kelly, Healing and growth through discipleship: A model for men's initiation and development (T)
  • Sandi Peters, Sandplay and dementia: A search for Self (T)
  • Patricia Spence, Sexual abuse: The shadow of colonization in Canada (T)
  • Fred M. Taylor, Individuation symbolism in the parable of the prodigal son (T)
  • Virginia Thomas, Re-visioning the Enneagram (T)
  • Dana Vitorelo, Understanding the numinous experience (T)
  • Gilda Zucolella, Writing as a healing art (T)

Class of 2008

  • Bonnie Bright, Colony collapse disorder: An inquiry into the deep symbolic nature of the vanishing of the honeybee (T)
  • Colby Gillette, An oral portrait of my grandfather (Creative Project)
  • Tamara Long, Transforming the Prince Charming complex (T)
  • Dorene Mahoney, Images of individuation: Using collage to inquire into the nature of disquiet (T)
  • JoHanna McNamee, Pieces and dreams of a healing journey after family tragedy (T)
  • Jacqueline Senator Orcutt, The alchemy of sacred art: The intuitive art process of self-discovery (Creative Project)
  • Julie Ann Perkins, Aphrodite's gaze: Honoring the dark body (T)
  • Kathryn Quick, Listening to the Green Man: Looking at nature in a more balanced way (T)
  • Deborah Salomon, Bridging past and future: Integrating my Jewish ancestral inheritance in a time between religious myths (T)
  • Erin Wiper, Reclaiming the girl in the void: An initiation into womanhood (T)

Class of 2007

  • Anton Cehlinder, Norse archetypal images as found in Norwegian and Swedish fairytales: Christianity's northern shadows (T)
  • Eleanor Davis, From friend to foe: Using depth methods to dialogue with the inner critic (T)
  • Lisa Kubiak, A book of shadows: The wounding of the dark feminine (T)
  • Sarah Rankin, A terrapsychological study of the psyche of Petaluma as found in the stories of the land and as mirrored by my own psyche (T)
  • Chris Schnabel, Mythologizing as nekyia (T)

Class of 2006

  • Monique Aguerre, The inner pantheon: Exploring the hidden realms of the psyche through masks (T)
  • Nanci Haines, Embodied mythology: A somatic exploration of the descent of Inanna (T)
  • Joe Houle, The breath of the soul: Walking the ancient path of the seeker (T)
  • Jake Kaminker, The psychology of relativity: An alchemical model of consciousness, cosmology, and transformation (T)
  • Rachel McKay, She picks the fruit from the tree that she is: On becoming a poet and finding healing through writing (Creative Project)
  • Patrick McMahon, Achilles' shield and the middle passage: Homer's The Iliad and men's transition from mid to late middle age (T)
  • Erin Needham, The wisdom of not knowing: A journey into emptiness (T)
  • Julie O'Neill, Reclaiming the embodied feminine voice (T)
  • Glenna Zogg, Conscious descent into the underworld: A path toward wholeness (T)

Class of 2005

  • Amy Jessen, Nature assemblage: Reconnecting to the feminine through art and ritual in nature (T)
  • Purvinder Kaur, My search for the inner Goddess: An exploration of Durga, Kali, Saraswati, and Lakshmi (T)
  • Silver Love, Empty mind — full belly: A conceptual exploration and depth inquiry into a reflection process of somatic instinctual responses in the area of the hara and solar plexus (T)
  • Zardoa Love, Living the personal myth: A depth inquiry into the use of the personal myth as a process for exploring the magical world of the unconscious (T)
  • Tony Marano, The gift of Ariadne: Seeking the inner stranger (T)
  • Anna Merville, The dance of love: Remembering my sacred sexuality (T)
  • Vanessa Metcalf, Conscious embodiment: A depth inquiry exploring the psychological and emotional undercurrents of compulsive eating and obesity (T)
  • Carol St. Clair, Calling the Goddess home (T)
  • Abdelmalek Yamani, Individuation and Ihsan: A cross-cultural perspective (T)

Class of 2004

  • Eileen Angotti, The weaver's shed: Engaging with the threshold (T)
  • Catherine Bargfrede-Norris, Tracking unconscious energy: A process of self exploration which follows unconscious energy through dream to creative energy (T)
  • Karen Danielson, The transformative power of the labyrinth (T)
  • Tonio Garcia-Romero, Following my bliss: A heuristic journey into the libidinal drive of a musician (T)
  • Chaz Gormley, When Gods die: The destruction of the collective father archetype, psychic wounding, and the quest for healing (T)
  • Claudia Holt, Vessels of transformation: Birthing a personal myth (T)
  • Danielle Kelleher, The green of winter: Growth in darkness (T)
  • Lori Peterson, Eating disorders from an inner world perspective (T)
  • Lora Robertson, Creative process as a path toward individuation (T)
  • Kathleen Sutton, The heart of the feminine: Connecting spirit and matter (T)

Class of 2003

  • Aline Dietel, Essential fire: Redeeming the struggle of conflict for intimacy and transformation in marital relationships (T)
  • Michelle Glaubiger, Unearthing my soul: A woman´s quest to understand her true spiritual nature (T)
  • Sissa Nelson Harris, Disquiet as guide: One woman´s experience of liminality in mid-life (T)
  • Ross Higerd, The leaving place: Curative poisons and the alchemy of chemotherapy (T)
  • Shelly Horan, Developing inner authority: An exploration of identity, voice, and self (T)
  • Felicia Dobrinen Hyllested, Falling down the blowhole of a whale: A heuristic account of an identity crisis (T)
  • Nagomi Ito, Weaving story into meaning: Warp and weft of my Japanese soul (T)
  • Daryn McKeown, The castle beyond the tower: An exploration of the imaginal realm (T)
  • Jay Redelsperger, Harvesting James: Music as an expression of human truth (T)

Class of 2002

  • Catherine Alexander, Becoming gold: An alchemical journey through cancer (T)
  • Vicki Bailey, Journaling as access to the soul (T)
  • Brian Beckwith, A barefooted pilgrim: Manifesting wholeness through ego development (T)
  • Sandra Beddow, Redefining soul: My personal journey (T)
  • Cathy J. Decker, Mandala: An artistic journey into self (T)
  • Sussanna Dimmitt, From maiden to mother: A design for support groups for new mother (T)s
  • Lisa Gilberti, Between homes: The quarter-life crisis experienced as a rite of passage (T)
  • Andi Gletty, Art is my witness: Healing through drawing (T)
  • Juliana Marie Holmstrom, The self-defining feminine: A lesbian woman´s exploration of her subjective reality (T)
  • Lynn L. Marchand, Healing the wound through collage (T)
  • Bethany Mulholland, Understanding self-injury: Building bridges to our inner world (T)
  • Judi Radiloff, The mother, the moon, and the muse: Exploring the wounds of abandonment through the archetypal Great Mother (T)
  • Tracy Whitaker, Ritual: A container for transformation (T)

Class of 2001

  • Robert Abbot-Florez, Masculine identity as transformed through the vision quest (T)
  • Jane Ferris, The lightning way: Dreams, art and transformation (T)
  • Lya Marie Lithgow, Guided by mystery: Dreams and the process of individuation (T)
  • Sara Eve Martin, Chaos to creativity: Archetypal death and rebirth cycles in my life as a daughter of a mother with dissociative identity disorder (T)
  • Jane Nakasako, A creative synthesis of East and West: Finding balance in paradox (T)
  • Leslie Paige, Coming home to myself: A heuristic study of mother-daughter separation (T)

Public Programs

Naomi LowinskyHear Dr. Naomi Lowinsky speak on the wild source of poetry on Sat April 27, 10am - 1 pm in Art 108.

Information Meeting

malta architecture sacred siteThe next program Information Meeting is Sat March 9, 2-4 pm, in Stevenson Hall 3042.

Applications for fall 2019

apollo delphiWe are accepting applications for fall 2019 admission now online through Cal State Apply.