Depth Psychology: MA Program


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Local Sonoma County

Anne Scott in west Sonoma county runs the DreamWeather Foundation which sponsors dream groups and events in the emanation of the sacred feminine.

Anne Hill in west Sonoma county runs Gnosis Cafe which sponsors dream groups based on the projective group techniques of Jeremy Taylor.

San Francisco Bay Area

The Dream Institute in Berkeley offers seminars, workshops and events in dream-related topics.

National and International

Arnold Mindell offers a body-oriented technique of working with dreams called process oriented psychology.

Jeremy Taylor offers a projective group technique of working with dreams.

Robert Bosnak offers his own method of body-based dreamwork and also online dreamwork, Cyber Dreamwork.

The International Association for the Study of Dreams is a national and international association that sponsors regional, national and international events related to dreams.

Recommended Reading

Marc Barasch, Healing dreams: Exploring the dreams that can transform your life

Deirdre Barrett, Trauma and dreams

John Beebe, A clinical encounter with a cultural complex. In T. Singer & S. Kimbles, The cultural complex: Contemporary Jungian perspectives on psyche and society

Robert Bosnak, A little course in dreams

Kelly Bulkeley, An introduction to the psychology of dreaming

Patricia Bulkley & Kelly Bulkeley, Dreaming beyond death: A guide to pre-death dreams and visions

Frederick Coolidge, Dream interpretation as a psychotherapeutic technique

Eugene Gendlin, Let your body interpret your dreams

James Hall, Jungian dream interpretation: A handbook of theory and practice

Ernest Hartmann, Dreams and nightmares: The new theory on the origin and meaning of dreams

Clara Hill, Dream work in therapy

Robert Johnson, Inner work: Using dreams and active imagination for personal growth

Carl Jung, Memories, dreams, reflections

Roger Kamenetz, The history of last night's dream

Jill Mellick, The art of dreaming: Tools for creative dream work

Arnold Mindell, The dreammaker's apprentice: Using heightened states of consciousness to interpret dreams

Sheila Moon, Dreams of a woman: An analyst's inner journey

Andrea Rock, The mind at night: The new science of how and why we dream

Neil Russack, Animal guides: In life, myth and dreams

Jeremy Taylor, The living labyrinth: Exploring universal themes in myths, dreams, and the symbolism of waking life

Robert Waggoner, Lucid dreaming: Gateway to the inner self

Edward Whitmont & Sylvia Perera, Dreams, a portal to the source: A guide to dream interpretation

Max Zeller, The dream: The vision of the night

DVD & Video

David Blum, Appointment with the wise old dog

Fraser Boa with Marie-Louise von Franz, The way of the dream

Amy Hardie, Edge of Dreaming


Article Evening

Come and hear the 2019 master's graduates present their culminating work on Thu May 16, 6pm in the Cooperage.

Public Programs

Naomi LowinskyHear Dr. Naomi Lowinsky speak on the wild source of poetry on Sat April 27, 10am - 1 pm in Art 108.