Disability Services for Students Advisory Committee

A campus Disabled Student Advisory Committee is mandated by the CSU and the president of the university (or designee) appoints committee members. This committee assists in the evaluation of current campus policies and procedures relating to campus accessibility, architectural access priorities, and academic accommodation of students with disabilities. The committee advises on programs, strategies, and timelines for providing access to the university.


To assist in the evaluation of current campus policies and procedures relating to students with disabilities, develop plans relating to programs and services for students with disabilities, and recommend priorities and develop appropriate timelines for implementation of established strategies.


The administrator, or his/her designee, will serve as chair, the Director of Disability Services for Students will serve ex-officio; A Dean of a School; one Facilities representative recommended by the Senior Director of Facilities Services; a representative from Information Technology; a representative from the Library; one representative from an off-campus disability-related organization or group; two students appointed by Associated Students; two faculty members, appointed by Academic Senate; two Disability Management Advisors (ex-officio); Affirmative Action Representative (ex-officio); Administration and Finance, Human Services Representative (ex-officio); and one Student Academic Services representative (ex-officio) recommended by the Chief Student Affairs Officer.

2018-19 Membership

  • Brent Boyer, (Chair) Director Disability Services for Students (Ex-Officio)
  • Carol Ingerman, Director of Campus Planning
  • Barbara Moore, Director of Web Services
  • Christine Hayes, Web Developer, Library
  • Mathew Poulin, Student
  • Lutvija Hrnjic, Student
  • Ajay Gehlawat, Faculty, Hutchins
  • Mary Halavais, Faculty, History
  • Christy Giambastiani, DSS, Senior Disability Management Advisor (Ex-officio)
  • Maggie Simms, DSS, Disability Management Advisor (Ex-officio)
  • Sarah Clegg, Director Title IX and HR Compliance Services (Ex-officio)
  • Renee Senander, Manager of Workers’ Comp, ADA and Leave Admin. (Ex-officio)
  • Donna Garbesi, Academic Advisor (Ex-officio)
  • Stephanie Graham, Accessibility Specialist
  • Joanne Harris, Disability Management Advisor
  • Michael Eynon, Disability Management Advisor

Meeting times: Once each semester

Disability Services for Students is part of a matrix of services under Student Affairs.