Students requesting reasonable accommodations for Early Start courses should contact the disability services office where the student plans to take these courses. Students will be required to establish their eligibility for reasonable accommodations by providing appropriate disability documentation from a qualified treatment provider. Disability documentation must clearly describe the student's present functional limitations.

Please Note:
Students should contact their “Destination” campus Disability Services office (where you plan to attend in the fall) in order to identify the process for registering for disability services and to confirm documentation requirements for receiving accommodations during the academic year. Accommodations provided at the campus where Early Start courses were taken does not guarantee that the same accommodations will be provided at one’s “Destination Campus” in the fall.

To request accommodations for Early Start Courses offered at SSU, please contact the office at:
Sonoma State University
Disability Services for Students
Schulz 1014a
1801 E Cotati Ave
Rohnert Park, CA 94928-3609
Tel: (707) 664-2677
Fax: (707) 664-3330
TTY: (707) 664-2958
E-mail: disability.services@sonoma.edu