• Students requesting reasonable accommodations for the English (EPT) and/or Math (ELM) placement exams should contact the disability services office at the CSU campus where the student plans to take these placement exams.
  • Students will be required to establish their eligibility for reasonable accommodations by providing appropriate disability documentation from a qualified treatment provider.
  • Disability documentation must clearly describe the student's present functional limitations.

Steps for requesting accommodations for the English (EPT) and Math (ELM) Placement Exams at SSU:

Step 1: Register On-line

Step 2: Complete the DSS ELM/EPT Accommodation Request Form and submit with relevant disability related documentation

Download printer-friendly form: www.sonoma.edu/dss/media/print/elm_ept_request_form.pdf

  • Please submit this completed form along with relevant disability related documentation to the DSS office by Fax: 707-664-3330, Email: disability.services@sonoma.edu, or Mail: Disability Services for Students at Sonoma State University • 1801 East Cotati Ave • Rohnert Park, CA 94928.
  • All documentation must be received a minimum of three weeks prior to the test date in order to receive accommodations. Late accommodation requests cannot be guaranteed.

Step 3: Contact Testing Services

  • Once DSS has confirmed with you that your accommodations have been authorized, contact SSU Testing Services at (707) 664-2947, to confirm the time and location of the accommodated exams.

Please Note:

  • Submission of the DSS ELM/EPT Accommodation Request form is to request ELM/EPT accommodations only at Sonoma State University. This does not complete the registration process for on-going academic accommodation services at Sonoma State University.
  • If you are an SSU student and you will be requesting on-going academic accommodation services, please follow these steps to register with SSU Disability Services for Students (DSS): http://www.sonoma.edu/dss/students/register_for_services.html
  • Verification of one’s disability must meet CSU guidelines before accommodations will provided during the academic year, therefore, there is no guarantee that the same accommodations provided for the ELM/EPT will also be provided for coursework.
  • If you will not be attending SSU, but would like to receive academic accommodation services, please contact the disability services office at the CSU campus where you plan attend next semester.