A selection of informative videos and step-by-step instructions on some of the most common assistive technology, web-based tools, and services utilized by students, staff and faculty at Sonoma State University. We made sure that these short and easy-to-follow videos have subtitle or closed caption embeded. This section will be updated regularly as the new and useful contents become available.

If you need further assistance, please contact 707.664.2677.

Canvas LogoCanvas is SSU's Learning Management System (LMS). Faculty may use Canvas to enhance their face-to-face courses, or to provide fully online courses. Canvas is the place where faculty can post course syllabi, assignment details, and online quizzes; faculty also link to variety of instructional materials in Canvas.
For more information on Canvas training and support, please visit:

Adding a Canvas Quiz time extension (Moderate This Quiz)

To extend the quiz time for an individual student, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Canvas course
  2. Click on the link to the quiz for which an individual time extension will be added
  3. Click on the Moderate This Quiz link located under the Related Items heading on the right side of the quiz details. You will be directed to the Moderate Quiz page displaying a list of students names. Note: the quiz must be published first before the "Moderate This Quiz" option becomes available
    Screen grab of the Moderate This Quiz option
  4. Click on the Pencil icon (change user extensions) to right of the student's name that will be granted an extension.
  5. Enter only the extra number of minutes this individual student will be granted in the Minutes text box (please refer to the DSS Accommodation Letter or contact DSS for the required percentage of time/minutes)
    Screen grab extra minutes text box
  6. Click the Save button

Read&Write LogoAn inclusive learning software designed to support individuals of all ages, learning styles, and abilities with their tasks in research, read, and write while using their existing tools such as word processors, PDF reader, and web browsers. Read&Write is available for free to all Sonoma State University’s students, staff, and faculty. Members of the SSU community with an active Seawolf account may access the software on Mac or Windows workstations at computer labs and the library on campus as well as obtaining a copy for their personal Mac or Windows computers, iPad and Android tablets. View Using Read&Write at University introduction videos for details.

  • IMPORTANT: SSU students, staff, and faculty members do not need a serial number to activate Read&Write on their devices. Simply follow these steps:
    • Select "Sign In with Google" on Mac, Windows computers, and Android tablets or "Link Google ID" on iPad
    • Enter your SSU email address, select "Next" to get redirected to SSU Online Services
    • Enter your SSU username and password, then select LOGIN

Read&Write for Mac

Read&Write for Mac Instructional Videos
This playlist has 22 short and easy to follow instructional videos on how to use a number of key features in Read&Write for Mac. (Closed captions available).

Read&Write for Windows

Read&Write for Windows Instructional Videos
This playlist has 29 instructional videos on how to utilize features in Read&Write for Windows to support your workflows while studying or working. (Closed captions available).

Read&Write for Google Chrome

Read&Write for Google Chrome Instructional Videos
This playlist has 24 instructional videos. Take a closer look at advanced features available to you via Read&Write Chrome extension. (Closed captions available).

Livescribe SmartpenSmartpen is a ballpoint pen with an embed computer that operates a built-in speaker, a microphone and memory storage. It records everything you hear, write and draw. Later, simply tap your notes to play back recordings. You can also save interactive notes and audio recordings to your computer or send them to people and destinations of your choice. Website:

Echo Smartpen Features
This video helps you identify the main features of the Echo Smartpen (approximately 3 minutes).

Install Livescribe Desktop Software
Steps to install the Livescribe Desktop software on your computer (approximately 2.25 minutes).

Write and Record Audio
Capture handwritten notes and record audio with Echo Smartpen (approximately 2.5 minutes).

Use 3-D Recording Headset
Record and listen to audio with the 3-D recording headset (approximately 2.5 minutes).

Paper Replay Controls
Playback audio recording using paper replay controls (approximately 3 minutes).

Playback With Nav Plus
Access a paperless audio session through the Nav Plus (approximately 2 minutes).

Annotating Notes
Expand upon previously written notes with more information. (approximately 1.25 minutes).

Notepad IconThis Notetaker process has been created for SSU students who have been recruited to be a notetaker for a student who is registered with Disability Services for Students (DSS) and is authorized to receive this accommodation. In order to be recruited, you must be enrolled in the same class as the student requiring a notetaker. Notetakers must attend class, communicate regularly with the DSS student about the quality and legibility of the notes, provide copies of notes in a timely and agreed upon manner, maintain student's confidentiality at all times, and contact the DSS student if unable to attend class. In order to complete the Notetaker process, students must:

  • Review the DSS Notetaker Agreement:
  • Complete and submit a 204 Vendor Data Record Form if you do not have an on-campus job and you would like to receive a one-time stipend for this service. The Vendor Data Record Form can be located here:
  • Complete the Notetaker portion of the Notetaker Authorization Form, which you should receive from the DSS student who is authorized to request your services. The notetaker should retain this form and submit it to the DSS office, which is located in Schulz 1014a.
  • If you are not volunteering and have completed the Vendor Data Record Form, you will be asked to provide your name, address, and signature on a Service Invoice, which will be submitted for payment approximately 4 – 6 weeks following the end of the semester in which the notes were provided. This form does require a “wet signature” so it must be signed and submitted in the DSS office by the deadline noted on the Notetaker Authorization Form.