30- Day Temporary Disabled Parking Permit Guidelines

A SSU 30-Day Temporary Disability Parking Permit may be obtained by qualifying students, faculty or staff from the Disability Services for Students office located in Salazar 1049. The DSS office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00, and can be reached at (707) 664-2677, or (707) 664-2958 (TDD).

General questions about disabled parking may be directed to Police & Parking Services at (707) 664-2143.

Obtaining and Use of a 30-Day Temporary Disabled Parking Permit:

  1. Complete and sign an application for a 30-Day Temporary Disabled Parking Permit available at the Disability Services for Students office located in Salazar 1049, or on-line at DSS Forms page.
  2. Provide medical documentation related to the need for temporary disabled parking.
  3. Those persons utilizing a 30-Day Temporary Disabled Parking Permit must also display a valid SSU parking permit or decal. Parking decals are available for purchase in the Seawolf Services office located in Salazar 1000, or a daily permit available for purchase from any Parking Information Booth or daily parking permit dispensers located throughout the campus.
  4. Vehicles displaying a valid DMV disabled placard, plate or SSU Temporary Disabled Parking Permit and a valid SSU Parking Permit may park in any Disabled Parking Space in either a Reserved, Residence Hall or Non-Reserved lot. Vehicles meeting the above criteria may also park in any other marked space in non-reserved, reserved or residence hall parking lots, excluding those spaces specifically marked as timed or loading zones, spaces reserved for state vehicles or reserved for designated individuals, departments or functions.
  5. Temporary disabled parking permits may not be extended beyond the original 30 calendar days.
  6. Individuals who require temporary disabled parking more than once during a 12 month period due to separate injuries or illnesses may receive new 30 day temporary disabled parking permits. All temporary disabled parking permits are subject to review and approval by Disability Services for Students and Police & Parking Services.