Frequently Asked Questions by DSS Students
Question: Do I need to submit a request for adaptive furniture for every class?

Answer: Yes, you should submit one furniture request form for each class where you need this specific accommodation. Every classroom set-up is different, so you may not have the same needs for each class.

Question: If I am 20 minutes late to my testing appointment, may I stay 20 minutes longer?

Answer: It is important to be on time, so students who are late for testing appointments will forfeit this amount time, just like what would occur in the classroom. In addition, testing times are often scheduled back-to-back in the DSS office and space is limited, so there may be room to stay longer that the scheduled appointment time.

Question: How do I know if I am “registered” with DSS?

Answer: Students initiate registration with DSS by completing the steps outlined on our “How to Register for Services” link, which includes completing the Student Intake Form, Providing Documentation, and Scheduling an “Intake Appointment.” If you need to check on your status with DSS, you may contact us at 707-664-2677, 707-664-2958 TTY, or stop by the office in Schulz 1014a.

Question: I need to see a Disability Management Advisor. How do I schedule and appointment?

Answer: You may schedule an appointment by calling or dropping by the office in person. Our schedules fluctuate frequently, so we do not schedule appointments through email.

Question: Does my professor know the nature of my disability?

Answer: No. It is up to the student to determine whether or not to disclose specific information about their disability. Some students find that it is helpful to discuss the nature of their condition with their professors, while others prefer to keep this information confidential. The DSS accommodation letter only indicates the approved accommodations for your class and does not include any information about the nature of your disability.

Question: Can I get tested or re-tested for a learning disability at SSU?

Answer: The campus does not provide psychoeducation testing to determine the presence of a learning disability.  The California State University Guidelines for the “Assessment and Verification of Students with Learning Disabilities” outlines the essential requirements necessary for documenting a learning disability.

Question: If I received accommodation letters for my classes last semester, do they carry-over to my classes for the next semester?

Answer: No, accommodation letters are specially addressed to each professor for the current semester. You need to meet with a Disability Management Advisor at the beginning of each semester to discuss your current accommodation needs and obtain a new accommodation letter for each class where accommodations are needed.

Question: Are accommodations retroactive?

Answer: Accommodations are in place after you have received your accommodation letters from DSS and have provided the letter to your instructors, so they know what accommodations to provide. Instructors need to be provided with adequate time to provide your accommodations, so it’s important for you to provide your accommodation letters to your instructors at the beginning of the semester.

Question: If I receive extra time for exams and quizzes, do I also receive extra time for assignments and quizzes?

Answer: No, this accommodation applies to timed exams or quizzes generally given in class or through a Learning Management System (e.g. Canvas). Please contact a Disability Management Advisory if you need additional assistance or suggestions about on-campus resources such as the Learning Center, Writing Center, etc.

Question: How do my exams get to the DSS office if that is where I will be testing?

Answer: If your instructor would like you to take the accommodated exam in the DSS office, then he/she will submit the exam directly to our office. You only need to send your instructor a courtesy reminder email up to a week in advance to remind them that you will be taking the exam in our office.

Question: Will I receive notes from my classmate who is assisting me by sharing their notes?

Answer: If you inform your note-taker that you will not be in class due to illness, then you should receive a copy of their notes. Note-taking is not a placement for attending class, so you should always attend class unless you absolutely cannot make it due to illness.

Other Questions? You may call our office at 707-664-2677, or schedule an appointment with a Disability Management Advisor.