Single Subject Credential Program

Application Tips for Single Subject Credential Program

Basic Program and Structure

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The Single Subject Credential authorizes the holder to teach in a departmentalized classroom. A departmentalized classroom is one in which the teacher specializes in his/her subject area and teaches that single subject only. Students go to their respective classes in different departments rather than being taught all subjects in one self-contained classroom. Single subjects are taught primarily at the secondary level, but some subjects (i.e., art, music, and physical education) may be taught by a single subject teacher at the elementary level.

Subject Matter Content Areas

Fall Semester

English, Social Science, Art, World Languages (Spanish and French), Foundation Level Math, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Foundational Level Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science, Geological Science.

California and University Single Subject Credential Requirements

  • Basic Skills Requirement - Candidates must show basic proficiency in reading, math and writing. Provide ONLY ONE of the following:
    • Passage of the CBEST: Provide a copy of your PDF report of your passing scores
    • Passage of the College Board SAT English (500) & SAT Math (550)
    • Passage of the ACT English (22) & ACT Math (23)
    • Verification of AP English Language and Composition or the AP English Literature and Composition Exam (score of 3 or higher) and the AP Calculus or Statistics Exam (score of 3 or higher)
    • Original score report showing a score of the CSU “college ready” or “exempt” in the English and Math sections of the Early Assessment Program (EAP)
    • Original score report showing a score of 50 on the CSU Entry Level Math (ELM) exam and 151 on the English Placement Test (EPT)
    • A combination of the scores from the CSU EAP and the EPT/ELM as long as you have passed a section of the English and a section for Math
  • Subject Matter Competency - All California teachers must have deep subject matter knowledge of the subjects they teach. While passage of exam is not required to apply, proof of exam registration is required as part of the application process.

    Verification of subject matter competency must be completed and documented prior to beginning Phase I. This requirement can be met in ONE of two ways:

    • Subject Matter Waiver: Document attesting that the candidate has completed an approved subject matter preparation program (e.g. English, Mathematics, Music, programs at SSU). Please see your program advisor at the institution where you received your BA for confirmation. Please provide waiver program completion letter or verification of enrollment in a waiver program.
    • Passage of the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) is required by the State of California prior to enrolling in a Single Subjects credential program. 
    • Program applicants should register for the appropriate CSET exams and request for scores to be reported to SSU. CSET test dates, test registration procedures, deadlines, and test score reporting dates are available at  You can also contact the Credentials Office for this information.
    • Passing scores for the CSET examinations must be received by our office no later than May 15 in order to be considered for a fall semester admission to the program. Please check the CSET website for test administration and result availability dates in order to meet this score receipt deadline. Submit photocopy of official score report directly to the Credentials Office.

    The sooner the exams are taken the better as it takes 4-6 weeks to receive official test results.

  • BA or BS Degree – Individuals may apply to a Single Subject Credential Program if they have a Bachelor’s degree OR SSU senior status of 90 units toward graduation OR if integrated program prior to award of credential
  • Certificate of Clearance (or copy of previous CA credential) – file with application to the credential program. Clearance must be met for full program admission.
  • Negative T.B./Chest X-ray/Medical Evaluation results- This requirement must be completed prior to applying to program.
  • Legal Information Requirement- This requirement must be completed prior to registering for program courses. SSU matriculated students can complete via Moodle prior to applying to program.
  • Course or exam in U.S. Constitution:
    • American Government or U.S. History – complete prior to award of the credential
  • Valid CPR card copy which covers Infant, Child and Adult CPR skills (no online) complete prior to award of the credential
  • Cumulative 3.0 grade point average upon completion of all credential program courses:
    • Individual course passing grade is a “ C” or better – includes prerequisites and program coursework

  • National Performance Assessment (edTPA) complete during credential program
  • Successful completion of clinical experience at teacher candidate’s placement


course number


course title

EDUC 417


School and Society

EDSS 418


Development in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood 

**These courses must be satisfactorily completed priort to full program admission.

Credential Program Outline

course number


course title

Phase 1

EDSS 442


Equity and Agency in Teaching and Learning



Creating Effective Learning Communities: Field Settings



Creating Effective Learning Communities: Seminar

EDSS 444


Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

EDSS 446


Language and Literacy Development I Secondary Classrooms

Phase 2

EDSP 458


Student Teaching in Multicultural Settings

EDSS 459


Seminar: Student Teaching in Multicultural Settings

EDSS 433


Introduction to Special Education

Program: Phase 1 and Phase II = 37 units (43 including prerequisites)

All candidates completing fieldwork (participant observation or student teaching) in basic teacher education programs are required to carry professional liability insurance. Sonoma State University provides this insurance at no cost to the student.

**These prerequisite courses MUST be satisfactorily completed prior to beginning the program. If you believe you have completed comparable course work, you may petition to substitute these requirements. For more information on the petition process please contact the Credentials Office at Please note: Taking these courses does not guarantee admission into the credential program.