Minor in Early Childhood Studies

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ECS Minor Information Packet and Advising Form

link to ECS Undergrad HandbookThe minor in Early Childhood Studies is offered by the School of Education. The minor gives students from any major at Sonoma State University a concentration in the study of early childhood development and learning. This minor is useful for students interested in pursuing careers involving work with young children from birth through age eight in fields such as Education, Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, and others. For a minor in Early Childhood Studies, students must take five required courses (19 units) plus an additional six units of elective courses, for a total of 25 units.

Courses required for the minor can be used to apply for a California Child Development Permit, and when the appropriate electives are chosen, the minor can also cover prerequisites for the Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential program. If your ultimate goal is to obtain a Child Development Permit or enroll in the Multiple Subjects Credential program, please be sure to consult with an Early Childhood Studies advisor and the Multiple Subjects Credential Advisor to ensure that you take the appropriate courses.

Applying for the Early Childhood Studies Minor

If you wish to apply for the Early Childhood Studies Minor, please take the following steps:

  1. Ensure your Grade Point Average (GPA) is 2.5 or higher.
  2. Pick up a “Change of Major” form from Admissions and Records (2nd floor of Salazar Hall) and an Early Childhood Studies minor application (in the School of Education office or online).
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Early Childhood Studies Minor Advisor.
  4. Bring the above documents with you to your advising meeting.

Course Offerings in Early Childhood Studies Minor

Please note that the information in this table is subject to change. Courses are sometimes re-scheduled or cancelled due to low enrollment and other factors. You should always develop a back-up arrangement when planning your course of study.

Required Courses (19 units)

* EDEC 220 Observing Child Development in the First Eight Years (4 units)

* EDEC 237 Creating Environments for Young Children (4 units)

EDEC 270 Children and Families in a Diverse Society (4 units)

EDEC 420 Child Dev in the Family, School, and Community (3 units)

EDSP 432 Designing Inclusive Environments in ECE (4 units)

Possible Elective Courses (6 units required)

EDEC 201  Foundations of Early Care and Education (4 units)

EDEC 247 Physical Development and Health in Childhood (3 units)

EDEC 405 iPlay: Child Development in the Digital Age (3 units)
EDEC 406  Positive Guidance (3 units)
EDEC 407  Multicultural Children’s Literature (3 units)
EDEC 408  Science, Literacy, and Play: Exploring the Natural World (3 units)
EDEC 409  Play in Early Childhood (3 units)
EDEC 410  Language Development (3 units)
EDEC 411  Infant and Toddler Development (3 units)
EDEC 412 Brain Development (3 units)

*EDEC 437  Integrated Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms (4 units)

EDEC 435  Leadership and Advocacy on Behalf of Children and Families (4 units)

EDEC 447  Children’s Emotional Development and Health (3 units)

EDEC 460  Introduction to Research in Early Childhood Education (4 units)

EDEC 490  Special Topics in Early Childhood Studies (1-4 units)

EDUC 250 Teaching in a Changing World (3 units)

  • EDUC 417  School and Society (3 units)
  • EDMS 419 Identity and Agency for Socially Just Classrooms and Communities (3 units)

AMCS 339 Ethnic Groups and American Social Policy (3 units)

AMCS 374 The Multiracial Experiencet (4 units)

AMCS 445 Multiculturalism and Education (4 units)

CALS 405 The Chicano/Latino Family (4 units)

CALS 450 Chicano/Latino Children's Literature (4 units)

CALS 456 Sociology of Education/Latinos and Education (4 units)

KIN 400 Elementary School Physical Education (3 units)

KIN 427 Individuals with Disabilities in Educational and Recreational Settings (3 units)

PSY 409 Social and Emotional Development (4 units)

PSY 411 Child Psychopathology (4 units)
PSY 414 Infant Development (4 units)
PSY 418 Psychology of Family (4 units)
PSY 431 Introduction to Art Therapy (4 units)
PSY 448 Cognitive Development (4 units)
SOCI 345 Sociology of Families (4 units)
SOCI 445 Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence(4 units)

All coursework in the minor must be completed with an average grade of C (2.0).
*Courses marked with an * include approximately 24 hours of fieldwork and should not be taken during the same semester.

  • Minors will need to complete the School of Education legal seminar prior to starting fieldwork in EDEC 220.
  • EDMS 419 and EDUC 417 are prerequisite courses for the Elementary School Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. If you are planning on applying to this credential program at SSU, complete these courses as part of your undergraduate degree.
    -Other elective courses may be chosen in consultation with an advisor.
    -Transfer students who have completed child development coursework at a California Community College should consult with an advisor about which course requirements may have been met.