Videotaping and Rendering Information

What to do with the DVC tape after the footage has been filmed?

Watch this helpful how-to video on You Tube "Uploading Video to IMovie HD"

If you are using an SSU Kodak Play sport flip camera, please follow these SSU MS Play Sport Video Support and Upload Directions

If you are using a  PERSONAL FLIP camera, please follow these directions for uploading your video from FLIP to PC and directions from FLIP to MAC

Steps from DVC tape to LiveText upload in TASK #3-PACT:

  1. WATCH your video: Place DVC tape in a camera and connect to a computer or TV using cables in computer bag
  2. SELECT the clip: (or two clips) that you wish to add to the CWS2-PACT portfolio
  3. UPLOAD: Using the firewire cable in your camera bag, upload the video to a computer
  4. Need Lab Support? Click for Help Session Information
  5. Once the video is imported into iMovie follow the video rendering/transferring directions for PC, video rendering/transferring direction for MAC.
  6. NOTE: Do not convert your video to a mpg4 web video—simple web format is all that is needed.
  7. Load your rendered video into your portfolio in the document attachment option–not the 'image' attachment
  8. If possible, be sure and bring the camera, the camera bag with all the cords when you go to the lab to do this work in case all lab cameras are in use
  9. If necessary, use this link to download iMovie to your personal computer: Importing iMovie to your computer Tutorial