Science and Mathematics Teacher Recruitment and Retention Initiative:
SMTRI (pronounced 'Symmetry')

Welcome to the Sonoma State University science and mathematics teacher recruitment project. This project is focused on increasing the number of science and mathematics teachers in our area. We are actively recruiting in high schools, community colleges and in undergraduate science and mathematics programs (at SSU and beyond). We are also looking for scientists, engineers and mathematicians who REALLY WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE by teaching in our public schools. The need for science and mathematics teachers is very great, such that the Federal and State Governments are providing many financial incentives for becoming a science or mathematics teacher in a middle or high school. Each year local schools scour the hills to find science and math teachers. We can help you find your classroom.

Project SMTRI at Sonoma State, part of the CSU's Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI), has created program pathways that integrate professional credential preparation with completion of the undergraduate degree program. Transfer students from community and junior colleges are included in this population of candidates. The MSTI Program has been developed with the intention of facilitating students’ opportunities to simultaneously expand essential content and pedagogical knowledge and skills, and to apply them in public school classrooms.

The program builds upon coordination of course-based field experiences, service learning, and community-based learning opportunities. The purpose is to facilitate candidates’ working with students of various ages and skill levels in math and science.

Dedicated advising for prospective credential candidates is accessible on a twelve-month basis. Regularly scheduled in-person and online advising sessions and support for meeting credential program admission requirements are continuously available.

The SMTRI website (\education\smtri) for Sonoma State is a central tool for the advising and support components of MSTI. The site is designed to facilitate communication among faculty and staff, candidates, and science and mathematics teachers. It also provides links to preparation materials, credential procedures and forms, employment opportunities, field resources, support and assistance during fellowship, scholarships and financial aid.

SMTRI also provides stipends and reimbursements for designated fees to Sonoma State University Science and Math Credential Candidates. Credentialing fees, examination preparation fees, and textbook stipends are provided to every MSTI student. Undergraduates enrolled in waiver programs receive additional support for clearance and permission costs. Assumption Program of Loans for Education (APLE) awards are publicized and routinely utilized.

The Foundational Level Science and Mathematics Institutes support teachers in pursuing a  Foundational Level General Science California Teaching Credential or a Foundational Level Mathematics California Teaching Credential.  The institutes offer an intensive review of science or mathematics concepts and CSET test preparation as well as the required secondary content teaching methods course.  The SMTRI covers the cost for SSU Extended Education class fees and reimburses test registration and credential filing fees.

Additionally, Sonoma State University’s Robert Noyce Scholarship Program for Math and Science teachers recruits college juniors, seniors, and fifth- year college science and mathematics majors who are interested in becoming teachers.