Math & Physics Tutoring

A solid knowledge of mathematics and physics is critical to ensure the success of our EE students! Therefore, we encourage all students to take advantage of the free tutoring sessions throughout School of Science and Technology. If you need additional assistance in Math, Physics, or any Major courses, please drop by our EE faculty during their office hours or contact farid.farahmand at sonoma dot edu to arrange for extra tutoring.

Fall 2018
Subject Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
CS 115 Darwin Lobby 9:30am-1pm 12-5pm 9:30am-1pm 12-5pm 10am-5pm
EE 110/112/220/221 Darwin Lobby   1:30-5pm   1:30-5pm 10am-1pm
MATH 161 Darwin Lobby 9:30am-1pm, 3-5pm 12-5pm

9:30am-1pm, 3-5pm


MATH 211 Darwin Lobby 9:30-11am, 2-3:30pm 1:30-5pm 9:30-11am, 4:30-6:30pm 1:30-5pm 10am-5pm
MATH 241 Darwin Lobby   1:30-5pm   1:30-5pm 10am-1pm
PHYS 114/116 Darwin Lobby 2-3:30pm 1:30-5pm 4:30-6:30pm 1:30-5pm 10am-1pm