Agilent-SSU Partnership Program for BSEE Students

Dr. Salam Marougi of Agilent is working with MSCES student Chia Chen Wei.

Agilent Technologies and SSU have developed a Partnership program for the "Enhancement of the Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering Program" at SSU. This unique program has seven components as described below.

  1. Agilent-BEST Scholarship
  2. Agilent Engineers as Mentors to Scholarship Recipients

    Each award recipient will have two mentors, one from the Engineering Sciences faculty and the other from Agilent. The role of an Agilent mentor will be to advise the student to prepare for a successful career in the real world.

  3. Internship

    The students will have internship opportunities at Agilent, mostly in summers, to gain valuable industry experience on state-of-the art technology as well as for financial rewards.

  4. Lecture Series

    The objective of the lecture series is to expose undergraduates to topics and careers in engineering with the intention of helping guide their future course and career choices.

  5. Instructors

    Periodically, experts from Agilent will teach undergraduate courses to bring practical knowledge into the classrooms and interact with the students more closely.

  6. Field Trip to Agilent Labs

    The objective for the field trip is to intensify students' interest in engineering via seeing some great leading-edge projects at Agilent Labs.

  7. Equipment

    Donation of equipment from Agilent to the Engineering Science laboratories for hands-on experience by the ES students.