Senior Projects

2018-2019 EE Senior Design Project Presentations (Slideshow)

Fall 2018/Spring 2019
Student Name(s) Project Title
Richard Mitts, Taylor Plorin, Edwin Tran Smart Animal Trap - A Pig Trapping System with Smart Camera with IoT Connection
Jireh Alberto, Brandon Barron, Nick Vanni Trout Lab - Smart Trout Monitoring System
John Gonsalves, Sean Kavanagh, Hao Wu Bucky::Liner - Autonomous Rover to Paint Lines of Soccer Fields
Craig McGovern, Carter O'Neal, Rio Smith Smart Gauge Reader - Making Analog Gauge Smart Gauge
Jorge Munos Jr. WineSS - Wine Shipment Sensor
Ian Furniss, Kenneth Kleinsmith PLAD - Early Fault Detection of Arcing Power Lines
Priyanka Khera, McKenzie Maher, Alyssa Wright EMOTE - A Wearable for Remotely Tracking Emotional Behavior in Real-Time
Jonah Baumgartner, James Normantas, Ryan Quiambao PocketSight - Electric Car Detection System for Visually Impaired Pedestrians

2017-2018 EE Senior Design Project Presentations (Slideshow)

Fall 2017/Spring 2018
Student Name(s) Project Title
Cassandra Abad, Courtney Hoffman License Plate Recognition System
Michael Vargas, Hassan Ali Roohian Drone Buster
Diego Espinosa, Cristin Faria Portable Diabetic Retina Scanning Device
Grant Young, Matthew Hutchison, Nathaneal Magardie Stone Cold - Automated Home Brewing
Abdul Majid, Issac Rodriguez Smart Vehicle
Randy Hania, Giovanni Azpeitia Solar Energy Monitoring System
Jimmy Cao, Rona Jergenson, Javier Montiel Particle Air - A Low Cost Air Quality Station

2016-2017 EE Senior Design Project Presentations (Slideshow)

Fall 2016/Spring 2017
Student Name(s) Project Title
Nick Langworthy, Nate Horn, Robert Witkowski SMART Parking
Kevin Suiker and Nick Soleil Home Energy Consumption
Arturo Arcos, David House, Jeremy Shawlee EdgeCube Power System
Andrew Baldwin, Edson Hernandez, Gary Nguyen Kinect Motion Mapper
Dustin Goodyear, Jordan Becerra Switch Electric Vehicle Inverter
Jose A. Avila Switch Electric Vehicle Autonomous Project
Aaron Marquez, Jaime Ciriaco, Michael Dunn Athena
Miah Crockett, Joe Nolan, Nader Srouji Multimode Optical Fiber Testbed
Taylor Jones, Abe Palmerin, Josh Papanicolas Data Harvester

Fall 2015/Spring 2016
Student Name(s) Project Title
Jesse Ford, Omar Alvarez Microbial Fuel Cell Sensor
Anthony Hargrove, Juan Soto Sense-It
Brandon Carter, Nickolas Fikrat Vortex Laser Cannon
Jorge Inocencio, Richard Duong, Chanbora Uch AutoCart
Sarah Memmer, Kyle Goshia Smart Table
Tyler Spott, Tyler Weiss Mobile Data Logger
Jarrett Baglietto, Blake Sack, Jenifer Nunn SOMO - Solar Generator Control Unit
Danny Galvez, Juan Magana Water Monitoring system

Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Student Name(s) Project Title
Jon Porrazzo, Campbell Smith, Erik Zaro WIRD
Casey White Self Powered GPS Helmet
Ryan Russell & Frank Monforte Laundry Now
Andrew Kreidle & Maram Salameh Artificial Doorman
Graham Blacksmith Smart Ozonator
Eduardo Williams and Arnulfo Pureco Passive Wireless Pavement Sensor
Alyssa Afa'ese, Alberto Martos, Joe Goren Weather Satellite Receiver
Josh Aguirre, Samuel Onojafe Prime Parking
Paul Ringlein Integer-N Frequency Divider IC design

Fall 2013/Spring 2014
Student Name(s) Project Title
Eric Waugh & Chio Saephan SenCell
Scott Parmley & Angelica Mendez Smarden The Smart Garden
Rafael Diaz, Joshua Disbrow, Luis Reyes Eye Guide
Fall 2012/Spring 2013
Student Name(s) Project Title
Ben Valdovinos BT-Box
Branden Kessell Implementing Feedback for Motion Control Systems
Spring 2011/Fall 2012
Student Name(s) Project Title
Dustin Farwell and Michael Chastain The Wattcher
Fall 2010/Spring 2011
Student Name(s) Project Title
Adrian Fierros, Wei Chia Chen, Brooks Hanley CCAB- Copeland Creek Aquatic Bank
Chris Dennison, Kyler Connelly FOCS - Fairfield Osborn Climate Station
Philip Brault, Daniel Sanchez Micro-Wind Turbine Generator
Fall 2009/Spring 2010
Student Name(s) Project Title
Kevin Tharp SMS-based Sensor Monitoring
Bill Collins, Marcos Almonci and Jason Ghiraldini Wireless Solar Power Management System
Matt Hosack Spectral Optimization Through Spatio-Acoustical Monitoring