MSCES Degree Requirements

The MS-CES program requires completion of a total number of thirty-two OR thirty-five semester hours, depending upon the culminating experience path chosen. For details refer to MSCES Program of Study. For full description of courses refer to ES & CES Course Descriptions. For current course offerings visit Current Course Websites.

The unit break down for the MS-CES program is as follow:

  • 24 (Plan A and Plan B) to 27 units (Plan C) in technical courses
  • 3 units in a business and management course
  • 3 units in Culminating Experience
  • 1 unit in Internship, and,
  • 1 unit in Graduate Seminar.

The Culminating Experience (CES 599 is Research & Thesis) requirement can be completed in one of three different ways, referred above as Plan A (thesis), Plan B (design project) and Plan C (Lab and Technical Report Experience). In addition, a student must also demonstrate that he/she has acquired proficiency in written English. All Thesis projects will be archived in the library and publicly available.

The Graduate Seminar is organized for the benefit of graduate students to learn about the latest advancement in various high tech fields including communications, computational biology, computing, networking, photonics and fiber optics, solar energy, and robotics. The graduate seminar is sponsored by Keysight (formerly Agilent) Technologies. The speakers in the graduate seminar are selected among the top industry and academia experts. To learn more about high tech businesses and industries in Sonoma Country see North Bay Business Journal and Sonoma County Connections.