MSCES Registration

Please check the schedule of classes for your 4-digit class codes. When you are ready to register, go to Registration Basics. For further details, see the Academic Calendar.

Registration for Pre-Requisites

All conditionally-accepted MSCES students must complete their pre-requisite courses prior to registering. These courses are listed in your acceptance letter. When they are complete, please flll out the MSCES Academic Status Form and have it signed by the Graduate Coordinator.

Students who have been admitted based on completion of pre-requisite classes may register for them as follows:

  • At Sonoma State: you will register via the Open University process. See Engineering if you have questions.
  • At other Four-Year Colleges: Before registering, you must get the equivalent courses approved by the Graduate Coordinator.
  • Lower division level, 100 and 200 (Freshman or Sophomore): You may choose comparable courses at a community college upon approval of the Graduate Coordinator.

Registration After a Leave of Absence

Students may take up to two semesters off without having to reapply to the MSCES program. In order to maintain the active status, all students should fill out a Leave of Absence form if they plan to take up to two semesters off.