Engineering students present at the second GCTC Expo

Two engineering students from Sonoma State University were invited to the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) to present their project at the 2017 GCTC Expo! The event was led by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a bureau of U.S. Department of Commerce, in partnership with other U.S. federal agencies including National Science Foundation, and was held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on August 28-29, 2017.
Nearly 200 researchers, business and city representatives, and scientists from eight countries attended the Expo. Jimmy Cao and Javier Montiel Urbina, both senior engineering students at SSU, in collaboration with the city of Rohnert Park and Dew Mobility, presented their Advanced Flood Warning System and later displayed their prototype at Rohnert Park/SSU Exposition space. Mr. Darrin Jenkins, Rohnert Park City Manager and Mr. Shivakumar Mathapathi, CEO of Dew Mobility, accompanied SSU students throughout the event. This project was completed as part of the 2017 Summer Research Program, funded by the School of Science and Technology.
Regarding the importance of such projects, City Manager Jenkins pointed out: "the students' innovative and cost effective monitoring system will help cities prepare and respond to flooding, with real time stream flow data, to best protect the public." Mr. Mathapathi, who has been mentoring SSU engineering students explained, "we believe this innovative GCTC action cluster hosted by NIST joined by the City of Rohnert Park can help the students to improve their flood monitoring system design. Such a system can truly save lives in the event of an emergency."
The event was clearly a great experience for Jimmy and Javier. "This event had a huge impact on me; after learning about so many amazing projects, I am more motivated to learn more at school than ever!" noted Javier. "The event was an amazing learning experience which really opened my eyes to the new technologies and new ways of thinking. I do greatly advise other students to attend such events, if they get the opportunity," added Jimmy Cao. Please join us to congratulate Jimmy and Javier for their fantastic work!

Javier Montiel Urbina on the left and Jimmy Cao on the right with their demos in front of the table