Fitbit Engineer Spoke at the Engineering Friday-Tech-Talk

Ben ValdovinosBen Valdovinos, a Hardware Validation Engineer at Fitbit and a graduate of the Electrical Engineering Program at SSU, was invited to speak at Engineering Friday Tech Talk, weekly Engineering seminar at SSU. Ben gave an overview of Fitbit and his Electrical Engineering (EE) team. He shared his experience working in an EE team. He talked about how verification of printed circuit boards (PCBs) are conducted and the purpose verifications. Ben also brought with him some hardware his team is working on and some really small PCBs.

Many EE students and faculty, and several community members attended the talk. Ben’s talk was very well received by the students and they loved Ben’s demo of various Fitbit hardware. They were very happy about the opportunity to talk to someone working on the cutting-edge technology.

"Our goal is to invite experts in emerging EE fields and provide our students the opportunity to learn directly from the experts. We believe it is very important that our students connect with the industry where they will be seeking internships and employment in the future. We are very fortunate to have great alumni working in world renowned companies who are actively engaged in mentoring current students and helping them navigate the job market." noted Dr. Shrestha, the Coordinator of the Engineering Friday-Tech-Talk. To learn more about Engineering Friday-Tech-Talk events please contact Sudhir Shrestha, sudhir DOT shrestha AT sonoma DOT edu.